Honeymoon Registry


The honeymoon registry first appeared in the 1990s as a service provided by travel agencies to encourage couples to book honeymoons through them. Today, honeymoon registries can be found through various agencies, resorts and dedicated registry websites. For couples that would prefer the trip of a lifetime to traditional gifts, the honeymoon registry is an option to consider when planning their wedding.


Honeymoon Registry Options


Every honeymoon registry is different; most couples will be able to find a registry that can be best customized to their needs. Some registries focus on having guests cover a portion of honeymoon, such as the hotel and airfare costs, while others focus on gifting specific activities: gourmet meals, massages for two, suite upgrades, scuba diving lessons. Some honeymoon registries operate with a gift-card model; guests will contribute to a flexible gift card that allows the newlyweds to indulge in the experiences of their choosing. This model is most common at resorts and on cruises. Some costly items and experiences listed can be divided into smaller increments, making the registry accessible for guests with varying price ranges.


Honeymoon Registry Features

Most honeymoon registries allow the couple to create a custom registry webpage; use photos and list wedding and honeymoon details to give guests an idea of what they're contributing to. Once the site is set up, the registry service will often provide both preformatted notices that can be sent out to guests as well as invitation inserts that can be printed out to direct guests to the site. The site will include a gift-tracking detail that will keep couples organized when it comes time to sending out thank-you notes.


Honeymoon Registry Advantages

A honeymoon registry allows couples to register for gifts they value more than simple physical objects. Some couples have little need for furnishing a home, but struggle with financing a dream getaway. A registry allows guests to contribute to a memorable experience the couple might not be able to fund otherwise. From a gift-giving perspective, contributing to a honeymoon registry is a simplified way to give generously at a wedding; instead of searching through department stores or worrying about buying a duplicate gift, guests will know that with a simple online-purchasing process, they're giving the bride and groom something valuable.


Honeymoon Registry Disadvantages

Some guests may be uncomfortable with contributing to a honeymoon registry as they may associate the concept with asking for money. This shouldn't deter a couple for setting one up as long as they're aware of guests' concerns and are sure to articulate the importance of the honeymoon to their new marriage. Not everyone will want to give to a registry; some guests will still opt to give a traditional gift even when not asked for one.

Honeymoon registry gifts are rarely refundable, so couples need to be secure in their planning before guests start contributing to their plans.

Research is needed. Some services will place a service charge or set-up fee on the registry, or dictate that the honeymoon is booked through a certain travel agency or resort chain. Couples should know the details and read the fine print before committing to a honeymoon registry.

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