Honeymoon Vacations


You've said "I do," and you're ready to escape with your beloved for a honeymoon vacation that promises romance and relaxation. If you've planned carefully, your getaway can be one that's seemingly effortless and stress-free.


Honeymoon Vacations: Pack Lightly


Don't be bogged down by overweight baggage. Pack as efficiently as possible, taking your destination and honeymoon itinerary into consideration. Choose a color palette that keeps you coordinated as you mix-and-match, and be sure to pack travel-friendly fabrics that don't require much ironing. Leave room in your suitcase for shopping and souvenirs. To prevent travel headaches, pack emergency basics in your carry-on; if you lose your luggage, at least you'll have clean underwear.


Honeymoon Vacations: Have Paperwork Ready

Do your research early and determine the needed paperwork. Before you leave for the airport, be sure to have the following documents in order: passports, valid photo I.D., vaccination certificates, plane tickets, frequent flier cards, hotel address and contact information, emergency contact numbers (including embassy and consulate information), travel insurance policies, a copy of your marriage license, and any travel guides and phrase books that will help you get around.


Honeymoon Vacations: On the Plane

Stay sane on the plane with a few pre-packed snacks. Don't depend on unappetizing plane food to keep you fueled and satisfied on long flights. Remember that alcohol is dehydrating; after a late night of toasting, you'll probably want to be intentional about your water consumption. Stretch at regular intervals, refresh with face cream and toothpaste, and keep hand lotion and Tylenol nearby in case of dryness and headaches. Be sure to adhere to carry-on rules; sample-sized containers of liquids in Ziploc bags work best. Pack a small blanket to keep you comfortable and cozy on the drafty plane.


Honeymoon Vacations: Money Matters

Be intentional about your money strategy before you embark on your honeymoon vacation. Once you've set your budget and checked your account limits, plan the mix of cash, traveler's checks and credit cards you want to take. And always have emergency contact information on hand in case your wallet goes missing.

Research your destination before deciding how to bring money. Some places aren't as ATM-friendly as others. Popular tourist spots will have ATMs readily available, so keep cash at a minimum and withdraw only as needed. Be aware of conversion rates and ATM fees before you travel. Credit cards usually offer excellent exchange rates and have a maximum cash liability, so they're a secure option for travelers. Many of them also allow you to accrue reward points and even offer insurance services.

Always have some cash in the destination country's denomination before arriving, so you're prepared to pay for transportation from the airport and to cover tips on your first night at your honeymoon vacation spot. Know the current exchange rate so your spending doesn't get out of hand. Cash isn't replaceable, so include traveler's checks in your money plan; they're refundable and can be exchanged for cash. Just be sure to keep a record of their serial numbers.

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