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Honeymoons: A Short Guide


Overwhelmed by all the honeymoon possibilities? Not sure where to begin planning? As you start to think about your dream honeymoon, follow these basic honeymoon planning tips to ensure that your honeymoon is one that seems custom-made for your new marriage.


Honeymoons: Ask Around


Friends, family and travel agents will all have vacation-spot recommendations and advice. While you're still in the early planning stages, ask around and learn from the mistakes and experiences of others. Join online communities and get feedback from other brides; consult with planners and agents who may have insight to destinations you haven't considered. Before you commit to a destination, let yourselves dream a little and be open to suggestions.


Honeymoons: Prioritize

Start planning your honeymoon by assessing what you most want from the experience. If you want a beach wedding, you've just eliminated most urban locations. If you want snowy ski hills, you probably won't be heading to Mexico. Consider the weather; would a rainy season ruin your getaway, or are you looking forward to the privacy that comes with vacationing during the off-season?


Honeymoons: Compromise

This will most likely be your first vacation as husband and wife, so try to make your honeymoon reflect you as a couple. Consider what each of you values and attempt to find some middle ground. Some destinations cater to the combining of two worlds; there are beach resorts found near bustling cities and historical architecture not far from unspoiled wilderness. Sit down and establish unique priorities and then research ways to make your honeymoon a dream vacation for both of you.


Honeymoons: Plan, Plan, Plan

Plan early and carefully. While it may be tempting to go ahead and book your honeymoon on your own, first consider consulting the services of a respected travel agent. An agent may be able to present honeymoon ideas you might not think of otherwise. Some will have access to deals and insider discounts, will be able to compare honeymoon and travel packages, and may be familiar with the reputations of certain resorts. Agents are familiar with the paperwork you'll need before jetting off to your destination and are prepared to rearrange flights on your behalf if something goes wrong. Be sure to keep your travel agent's number handy with you as you honeymoon for easy access.


Honeymoons: Book Activities

Once you've decided on a honeymoon destination, book your must-do activities. You don't want to end up mere steps from an exhibit or event only to discover that it is sold out, nor do you want to wait in line for hours when you can purchase tickets in advance. Make dinner reservations at a local hotspot and sign up for scuba lessons long before you arrive. Booking activities early will help you plan a honeymoon itinerary and ensure that you don't miss out on the things you really want to see or do.


Honeymoons: Don't Overschedule

As you book activities and create a honeymoon schedule, remember that you'll want to unwind and relax. Consider the decompressing post-wedding and the possible jetlag you'll be enduring. Plan for some quiet time together as a couple and don't cram your first couple of days with activities you won't be able to fully enjoy. Your honeymoon should be about your relationship, not about an overwhelming to-do list.

Last Updated: February 1, 2010 at 10:41 am
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