Indian Wedding Invitations


Wedding invitations often set the tone and theme of the wedding, reflecting the cultural and religious background of the engaged couple. If you're having an Indian wedding, design layouts and vibrant paper choices can adapt your invitations to accommodate your community, culture or faith.


Indian Wedding Invitations: Designer Invitations


Thanks to the booming bridal industry, Indian-specific stationary shops cater to Indian couples looking for gorgeous authentic invitation designs. These retailers, many of them online, can supply vibrant handmade papers with a variety of finishes and coatings: mirrors, pearls, bamboo, crystal, gold and silver. Your invitations can be enhanced with rich fabrics like velvet, brocade, silk and satin, embroidered to perfect your custom design. Elegant, ethnic, ornate and chic designs will all still reflect your culture and nuptial theme.


Indian Wedding Invitations: Hindu Wedding Invitations


Some invitation retailers can import invitations from India. Modern, artistic and traditional designs with distinctive features on vibrant handmade papers and ethnic fabrics will set the palette for your big day. By ordering from a company that understands Hindu culture and tradition, you can ensure that the graphics, motifs and patterns best reflect your heritage. Choose invitations printed with Hindu symbols such as Im, Swastik and Ganesha on them; select text that includes pious mantras.


Indian Wedding Invitations: Sikh Invitations


Anticipate a joyous Punjabi wedding with colorful and festive Sikh invitations. Customize the details of Anand Karaj cards, Ek-Om-Kar cards, Sikh invitations and Punjabi cards with embossed papers featuring metallic accents and kundan work. An El-onkar image printed in the center makes a beautiful bold statement.


Indian Wedding Invitations: Muslim Invitations


Ornate motifs and intricate details decorate the best of Islamic stationary design. Known as ‘Valima Cards" and "Nikah Cards," customizable invitations accommodating a Muslim wedding will bring a touch of royalty to your nikah and mangani ceremonies. Choose a design with an embossed border and a Bismillah image printed in gold. Consider a red resham-finish handmade paper treated with intricate kundan work.


Indian Wedding Invitations: Interfaith Invitations


Interfaith wedding invitations often reflect India in their rich color palette and detailed textures without referencing a specific faith or belief system. This allows the bride and groom to customize their invitations' wording to best suit their worldview or faiths. Some couples will want to include more than one religious or cultural background; most Indian-invitation retailers cater to weddings that reflect the specific couple as well as their heritage.


Indian Wedding Invitations: Scroll Invitations


Scroll wedding invitations are the traditional Indian invitations of the kings. These majestic and exquisite designs retain their royal connotation and reflect opulent celebrations. Printed on fabric, handmade paper, velvet or vellum paper, the scrolls are often held by ornate bars on either end and tied with tassels. Send your scroll wedding invitations in soft handmade Resham envelopes. Your guests will be impressed and will look forward to the gorgeous event to come.

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