Jason Mesnick on The Bachelor Finale: 'I'm Not Proud of What I Had to Do'


'The Bachelor' ended its most popular season ever with quite a finale Monday -- a surprise visit, a proposal, an unproposal, and a few seriously shocked bachelorettes!

In the end, Jason Mesnick chose Melissa, gave her the Neil Lane sparkler, and sent a heartbroken Molly home. End of story? Not quite!

During the "After the Rose" taping, which occured six weeks after Jason chose Melissa, and aired Monday night on ABC, Jason dropped a bombshell on his then-fiancee, telling her that he just wasn't that into her. A surprised Molly joined the show -- and was equally as shocked to hear that Jason wanted a second chance with her.

Mesnick talked to People magazine about the events and what really went down after the cameras stopped rolling with Melissa. "After we got back into the real world, all of a sudden, we had less to talk about and I didn’t know why. I started thinking wow, what’s happening? Why aren’t we communicating the way we did when the show was going on? I didn’t say something right away because I wanted to figure out what was going in inside of me," he told the mag. "There was part of me that wanted things to work out with Melissa so bad. But the whole other piece was I had these crazy feelings for Molly."

Jason tells People that he couldn't say anything to Melissa until the "After the Rose" ceremony because he was under a contractual agreement with ABC. "That was part of the deal. I signed up for it in my contract. Your relationship is -- good and bad -- in front of everybody."

 Jason says he and Molly are still together -- for now!

Last Updated: March 3, 2009 at 4:35 am
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