Mexico Honeymoon


A Mexico honeymoon offers a culturally and historically rich travel experience that's easily accessible for North American couples. Stunning beaches, ancient historical sites, superb cuisine, luxury resorts and a vibrant nightlife cater to couples looking for either excitement or relaxation. Visit Mayan ruins one day and surf the next; there's no end to the rich variety of experiences for couples on their Mexico honeymoon.

If you're dreaming of a Mexico honeymoon, consider the following spots:


Mexico Honeymoon: Sonora


Bordering Arizona, Mexico's northernmost state is the place to visit if you're looking to experience the charm of Mexican cowboy culture. Coastal towns offer swimming, snorkeling and kayaking, while the national monument of Alamos is a must-see colonial enclave.


Mexico Honeymoon: Copper Canyon


For the outdoor-loving couple, the massive Copper Canyon is a go-to destination. Four gorges combine to create a canyon four times the size of the Grand Canyon. Arrive via the Chihuahua al Pacifico railroad, stopping to hike or ride horseback along the way.


Mexico Honeymoon: Mexican Riviera


The Mexican Riviera is the Mexico-honeymoon destination for couples seeking both breathtaking views and a buzzing nightlife. Watch the sun set along the Pacific, where the jungle frames the coast. Or head to Acapulco and dance the night away while sampling fine cuisine. Surfing, golf and shopping make the Riviera a popular tourist destination.


Mexico Honeymoon: Guadalajara


Guadalajara, birthplace of both the Mexican hat dance and mariachis, offers plenty of colonial and historical charm for honeymooning couples to enjoy. Its 30-black historical center boasts architectural landmarks, and nearby Tequila promises both its namesake's drink and some of the country's greatest artisan's work.


Mexico Honeymoon: Veracruz


Veracruz is a dream Mexico honeymoon destination for foodies. Coffee bean fields surround Veracruz City, home of some of Mexico's greatest culinary experiences. The seafood is succulent, the homegrown jalapeno chile spicy; enjoy your meal while being serenaded by street performers.


Mexico Honeymoon: Oaxaca


Like to surf? Enjoy the 300 miles of coastline that boasts some of the greatest pipeline in the world. When you're not on the waves, take your Mexico honeymoon into Oaxaca City and visit architectural gems from the Spanish conquest or visit the city ruins of Monte Alban.


Mexico Honeymoon: Playa del Carmen


Seek the authentic Mexican village experience in Playa del Carmen. Idyllic beaches and quaint hotels make for a perfect relaxing getaway away from the crowds of other popular tourist destinations. Don't miss the chance to explore nearby Mayan ruins and colonial cities, but be sure to return for Playa del Carmen's sophisticated nightlife: sip margaritas on a sidewalk café or learn to salsa dance.


Mexico Honeymoon: Los Cabos


Find your fun in the surf and sand in Los Cabos, Mexico. Walk the white-sand beaches, learn to scuba dive, golf at a championship course, ride horseback along a winding trail and seek lodging in a cozy hotel.  Nearby Cabo San Lucas is a celebrity and tourist favorite where you'll find great shopping, nightlife and plenty of fellow revelers.


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