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Modern Wedding Invitations


Wedding invitations should reflect the wedding they're announcing. Because of this, traditional invitations aren't always the appropriate choice. For modern couples planning nontraditional affairs, standard white engraved cards won't make sense with their design aesthetic. Consider the following when considering modern wedding invitations.


Modern Wedding Invitations: Layout

The pocketfold layout is a more modern evolution in traditional invitation design. By attaching a pocket to an invitation panel, invitation inserts are organized and kept together in one place. Play with the layout of your modern wedding invitations to find a design that meets your needs; using complementary classic colors will keep this design more formal, whereas contrasting colors or patterns will add a hipper dimension to the card.


Choose a font style that isn't typical of traditional design. Simple handwritten fonts or boxier typefaces are modern alternatives to formal scripts. Coordinating monograms and watermarks can keep your invitations formal without sacrificing the modern look. Consider printing your text entirely in lower case or upper case, or align the text to the left or right instead of the center. Break with convention and avoid symmetry.


Modern Wedding Invitations: Shapes and Graphics


Modern wedding invitation designs often appeal to couples favoring streamlined minimalist design. Consider simple bold lines and shapes; geometric shapes and cutouts provide a wow factor. Sleek monograms, tone-on-tone graphics and pop-art-inspired motifs each add a fresh twist to conventional invitations. Combine a bold floral print with a clean border to keep your invitations clean and modern. Use artistic angles, rotating shapes from their traditional alignment. If you're new to modern design, consider working with a designer or predesigned modern card rather than constructing one yourself. With the help of the experts, you'll be able to add personal touches like photography or destination-appropriate details.


Modern Wedding Invitations: Color


Modern wedding invitations can accommodate almost any color palette. Don't feel constrained to light or neutral paper choices; a light font on dark stationery can be a clean fashionable choice. Metallics, bold turquoises, greens and oranges are all current color trends. Tone-on-tone color is a subtle way to use bold hues, with different sheens and textures differentiating them. Unexpected colors in an otherwise traditional design can be an effective way of maintaining formality in your modern wedding invitations. Incorporate your wedding colors to make your invitations blend in with the overall scheme of the day.


Modern Wedding Invitations: Eco-Chic


Eco-friendly design is a major trend in modern wedding invitations. Select paper-free biodegradable papers and environmentally aware printing options. Keep fonts simple and clean while incorporating recyclable materials such as ribbons made from recycled bottles. With a booming eco-chic wedding movement, you'll have no problem finding retailers prepared to create your dream modern wedding invitations with the planet in mind. Streamline your invitation inserts; by opting to have guests respond via phone or email instead of sending a response card, you'll also minimize the bulk in your invites, which further contributes to the minimalism of the modern aesthetic.

Last Updated: February 25, 2010 at 11:42 am
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