Monogram Wedding Cakes


Monogram wedding cakes:

It's natural that newlyweds would want to show off their new, shared initials, and monogram wedding cakes are a great way to start! Monogram wedding cakes fit in everywhere - whatever the theme or color plan, whether set off on the top in crystal cake toppers or embossed in icing on the cake itself, monogram wedding cakes are certain to add a distinctive flourish to any wedding reception.


Monogram wedding cakes -- the basics.

Monogram wedding cakes traditionally have had three initials - the first names of the bride and groom and the last name they'll be sharing. In this formation, the bride's initial is first, then the shared last initial (which should be a bit larger than the other two) and then the groom's initial. Some monogram wedding cakes just have one large initial of the couple's newly shared last name. Also, since many women now keep their own last names after they get married, couples often choose to just have the initials of their first names as the design on monogram wedding cakes. And instead of initials, some couples use their first names in place of customary monograms.

The newlyweds' initials are most commonly featured in wedding toppers on monogram wedding cakes. These can be made by the bakery as part of the cake itself or purchased separately. Cake toppers for monogram wedding cakes come in a number of different materials, the most common of which are silver or gold plated, brushed metals and acrylic - although they are also available in a wide range of colors. They can have a smooth surface or sparkle with inset crystals. Some of the crystal designs are so elaborate they're referred to as "cake jewelry."

When choosing initialed toppers for monogram wedding cakes, couples need to know the size of the top layer of the cake, so they can choose a topper that won't be too big or too small. They also need to choose a font, as most places that sell toppers for monogram wedding cakes offer a variety of letter types. One added benefit of purchasing fancy cake toppers for monogram wedding cakes is that they make an attractive keepsake for the newlyweds.

Monogram wedding cakes -- where to put your initials

Wedding toppers, either purchased or designed as part of the cake, aren't the only place on monogram wedding cakes to feature the couple's initials. Hard icing medallions with monograms can be placed on different layers of monogram wedding cakes. Or the letters themselves can be piped onto different places. Creative pastry chefs can even configure all-around designs for monogram wedding cakes where the initial or initials are repeated all over the surface of the cake. For a terrific finishing touch, consider an advance order of custom-made white chocolate, hard sugar or meringue monograms to serve with each slice of the monogram wedding cake.

Monogram wedding cakes can be one element of an elegant monogram wedding theme. In addition to being spotlighted on monogram wedding cakes, one- two- or three-initial monograms can be embossed on a number of reception must-haves, such as cocktail napkins, menus, place cards, coasters and wedding favor packaging - even a box for guests to bring home a piece of the monogram wedding cake!

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