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My DIY Engagement Party!


My engagement party was this past weekend and everything went beautiful! After 2 months straight of rain in ny, we finally had a true summer weekend which was just perfect!  We set up a tent in my mom's backyard and included lots of DIY projects...there was also badmitton set up, bocce ball and croque...which everyone really seemed to love..there was always someone playing all three!

My friend came over the day before and worked soooo hard on putting together centerpieces!  She was a florist and gave me the hook-up to buy flowers wholesale!  She made three vases of flowers for each table...on of spider mums (my fav), one of ambiance roses (my FI's mom's name is Rose) and one of white carnations (my mom's fav flower) which actually ended up looking just gorgeous clustered together and accented with lemon leaves....She also had enough flowers to make some lovely centerpieces for the buffet & beverage table as well as in the bathroom...

You can also see some of the DIY tissue paper poms I hung in the tent (40 of them!!!) I collected lots of jars and used those as the vases, covering them with a strip of white paper that I used a border punch on...

I also used a few little jars that I collected and made them into hanging tea-lights...I used LED battery tealights and they really looked pretty scattered throughout the backyard...

I wrapped some utensils in little bundles with a napkin and polka dot ribbon.  The utensils were plastic but looked like real silverwear! They tricked a lot of people :)

I made some banners to hang on the gate at the entrance as well as the buffet & beverage tables...

Our cake! (From Costco that was super yummy!).  I also made my feather hairpiece and used an old clip on earring of my grandma's to glue to it to make it speciall...

(My FI looks a little stunned here!..too many pictures were taken I think by now he's was done...HAHA)

I made a photo line with clothespins covered in polka dot was a big hit! It included my FI and I through the years and with our immediate families...

The favors were milk chocolate lindt truffles! I bought 100 boxes at Michaels for $10 and then printed out my own 'thank you' labels in a variety of sunset colors to stick on the boxes and seal them...

We bought some fun drink umbrella's to add some pazzaz to the champagne punch my sister made...umbrella's always make anything fun to drink!

Oh, and one more DIY- the invitations! I designed and printed from home the invites- costing only about $50 for everything!  I also created the wrap-around labels and printed them on sticker paper. As well as stickers to seal the envelope shut... ( I love how the "LOVE" king and queen stamps match my invites perfectly! a definite bonus!)

All in all it was a great time with lots of successful DIYs! YAY!


Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:01 am
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