New Jersey Wedding Venues


New Jersey Wedding Venues:

New Jersey is known as "The Garden State," and New Jersey wedding venues include gardens, parks, the seashore, historic sites and much more. As an added bonus, many New Jersey wedding venues are less expensive than comparable sites right across the Hudson River in New York City, which makes northern New Jersey wedding venues particularly attractive choices for couples from both states.


New Jersey wedding venues - the classics

Couples looking for New Jersey wedding venues that offer old-fashioned elegance might be attracted to The Castle at Skylands Manor in Ringwood, a lavish estate nestled among the picturesque 100-acre New Jersey Botanical Gardens. There's an added element of modern-day pizzazz associated with Skylands Manor: Frungillo Caterers, which manages the venue, is the subject of the television series "Masters of Reception" on The Learning Channel (TLC).

Given its long American history - New Jersey was the third state admitted into the US - it's no surprise that some New Jersey wedding venues are prized heritage sites. If either the bride or groom goes to, teaches at or is an alumni of Princeton University (or if a parent attended or is a faculty member) they can have their wedding ceremony on campus at the majestic Princeton Chapel, the second largest collegiate chapel in America and the third largest in the world.

If you're looking for historic New Jersey wedding venues but have no Ivy League ties, no worries - the Kirkpatrick Chapel at Rutgers University in New Brunswick dates back to the late 19th century and features Gothic architecture, a stone chapel and beautiful stained glass windows. Best of all, it can be rented for events of all faiths, even if no one involved is affiliated with Rutgers.

Couples taking a gamble on married life will find a number of New Jersey wedding venues in Atlantic City - but unlike Las Vegas, they can't just drive into town and get married on the spot. As with all New Jersey wedding venues, in order to get married in Atlantic City couples first have to apply for a wedding license - and there's a 3-day waiting period between then and when they can get married.


New Jersey wedding venues - Jersey Shore!

The Jersey Shore, popularized recently on a reality TV series, has long been a favorite among real-life New Jersey wedding venues. Many couples get married on the romantic beach setting, where happy newlyweds can be most easily spotted during May, June, September and October. Long Beach Island has eighteen miles of beaches and numerous public locations where weddings can be held. The island's charming towns offer a variety of New Jersey wedding venues to fit every taste and budget.

Cape May, at the southernmost point of the state, is the oldest resort in the USA. There you'll find a number of sought-after New Jersey wedding venues, including Sunset Beach, Harbor View Park and Cape May Point State Park. The resort area's restaurants, hotels and Victorian architecture make its New Jersey wedding venues especially desirable - so much so that Cape May is the third most popular wedding site in the country.

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