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Outdoor Wedding Venues


Outdoor Wedding Venues:


Outdoor wedding venues can be beautiful settings for wedding ceremonies and receptions. It's hard to imagine anything more romantic than saying wedding vows at sunset on the beach. And there are many other outdoor wedding venues that provide exquisite backdrops -- vineyards, botanical gardens, museums ... sometimes even your own back yard!


The history of outdoor wedding venues:

In the 1960s, outdoor wedding venues were often chosen by hippie couples whose weddings were informal and laid back - their way to make both a commitment to their relationship and a statement about the staid establishment. Today, however, outdoor wedding venues are popular for traditional and formal as well as more casual ceremonies and receptions.

Outdoor wedding venues offer something for everyone. Wedding planners have lists of local spaces that are available for rent, and restaurants, hotels and other businesses often feature outdoor wedding venues. There are many DIY (do-it-yourself) outdoor wedding venues as well. A well-landscaped back yard can provide the perfect setting for a small family wedding. Larger outdoor wedding venues can be discovered in any community: a local or state park, the grounds of a nearby college or university ... or even the high school football field for avid sports fans!

No matter how elaborate the wedding being planned, there's always something naturally intimate about outdoor wedding venues. Maybe it's the fresh air, the woodsy outdoors, a beautiful view of mountains or seaside - whatever the particulars of the location, outdoor wedding venues often offer an added layer of connection to both celebrants and guests.

Mother Nature is an important guest to keep in mind when thinking about outdoor wedding venues. A letter-perfect wedding plan can collapse like a house of cards from unexpected changes in weather. When looking at outdoor wedding venues, inquire if there's an interior option that can be used as "Plan B" if the elements aren't cooperating on the big day. Tents should also be considered for outdoor wedding venues - sometimes couples don't like the idea of a tent, regarding it as a distraction from the beautiful outdoor surroundings ... but if the evening air turns cool or there's a sudden summer shower, outdoor wedding venues can be well protected by a strategically-placed tent (and space heaters!), with no interruption at all to the ceremony or celebration.

Of course, the choice of outdoor wedding venues can be limited depending on where and when the wedding is taking place. A couple living in Minnesota can't really consider outdoor wedding venues for a winter affair, and many brides to be in Florida wouldn't want to be outside in June or July, when high humidity could wilt just about everything and everyone! 

When couples' hearts are set on outdoor wedding venues but the local climate or environment just isn't suitable, it may be possible to plan a destination wedding to another area where outdoor wedding venues are available. But it's important to keep in mind that making a destination wedding can add significantly to the cost, a smaller affair might then be necessary, and some guests might not have the financial means to attend.

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