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It was the second state to become part of the USA, and Pennsylvania wedding venues should be at the top of your list for terrific ceremony and reception choices.

The "Keystone State" has historic cities, charming countryside, picturesque mountains - there's an abundance of Pennsylvania wedding venues from which to choose.

Philadelphia, on the eastern edge of Pennsylvania, is considered by many to be the birthplace of America - and many couples choose the city as place to start their married life together. Historic Pennsylvania wedding venues in Philadelphia date back as far as the Colonial and Revolutionary Eras. There are churches in the city that were built hundreds of years ago, and of course the "City of Brotherly Love" features more modern locations for Pennsylvania wedding venues as well.

Many of Philadelphia's Pennsylvania wedding venues combine the elegance of an earlier age with 21st-century comfort and facilities. For example, there are several hotels and other Pennsylvania wedding venues around Rittenhouse Square, one of the original open-space parks planned in the late 17th century by the state's founder, William Penn.


Pennsylvania wedding venues - the options

Also in the eastern portion of the state are the Pocono Mountains, which have long been popular Pennsylvania wedding venues - the area is sometimes referred to as the "Romance Capital of the World." Natural beauty abounds in the Poconos, which cover more than 2400 square miles and feature rolling mountains, waterfalls, winding rivers and other scenic wonders. The area is dotted with numerous hotels, inns, resorts and other Pennsylvania wedding venues that are available for couples all year round, with packages to fit any budget.

The Allegheny Mountains in the central part of the state are another option for Pennsylvania wedding venues. Many couples also choose Pennsylvania Dutch Country, which offers Pennsylvania wedding venues in a number of locales, including the state capital, Harrisburg. The historic Lancaster County Winery, situated in the beautiful countryside, has been in existence since the 18th century and has been a popular Pennsylvania wedding venue for nearly a century - the first wedding reception held on the property took place in 1913. And if you're looking for a particularly "sweet" Pennsylvania wedding venue, try nearby Hershey, home of the world-famous chocolate company.

Pittsburgh, near the western border of the state, offers a variety of Pennsylvania wedding venues, including the very unique setting of the Andy Warhol Museum. Fans of contemporary art will particularly enjoy a reception held there, where private gallery tours can be arranged as part of the facility rental package. Pittsburgh is also home to the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, a stunning steel-and-glass Victorian greenhouse and one-of-a-kind Pennsylvania wedding venue. Point State Park, a 36-acre state park situated at the meeting point of the Monongahela, Allegheny and Ohio Rivers, has been a favorite Pennsylvania wedding venue for years - but the park is in the midst of renovations, to commemorate the city's 250th birthday, so if you're thinking about having a wedding there, be sure to check to see which areas are currently open.

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