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Personalized Wedding Favors


Personalized Wedding Favors:


Personalized wedding favors used to be associated with napkins and matches - and not much else. But these days, while matches and napkins continue to be popular choices for personalized wedding favors, just about anything can be customized and turned into personalized wedding favors.


Among the most fashionable personalized wedding favors are chocolates - after all, who doesn't love chocolate? Chocolate personalized wedding favors can be bought or made to order in a number of ways. Individual chocolates can be purchased shaped like the couple's initial or custom made with their new three-initial monogram. Photos of the newlyweds can even be transferred onto a block of chocolate.


Foil-covered chocolate "coins" become personalized wedding favors when they're embossed with the couples' names and wedding date. Wrappers for full-sized and mini chocolate bars can be replaced with specially-made personalized packaging. M&M's can be ordered with custom text, and other chocolate treats can also be given out as personalized wedding favors. Or couples can turn the tables and make chocolate personalized wedding favors with the names of their guests - the names can be molded in chocolate or written like icing on blocks of chocolate and given out as personalized wedding favors that can also serve as place card settings.


Other edible favors can also be turned into personalized wedding favors. Frost wedding cake- or heart-shaped cookies with the couples' names and wedding dates. Order fortune cookies that have your own personalized messages inside. Thinking of giving guests small tins of after-dinner mints? These are available with customized labels featuring the names of the bride and groom to be given as personalized wedding favors.


Many small trinkets can be made to order as personalized wedding favors. Individual containers of moisturizing lotion and hand sanitizer can be purchased with personalized labels. Playing cards, golf tees, refrigerator magnets and sewing kits are just a few of the numerous personalized wedding favors offered at online sites and at wedding and party stores.


With a computer and labeling software and/or store-bought labels, couples can save money by creating their own personalized wedding favors. For example, package Jordan almonds or other candy in a favor bag or box, then seal it shut with a label featuring the couples' names, the wedding date, and a coordinating graphic.


Guests will appreciate personalized wedding favors that not only remind them of the celebration but can be put to practical use. Notepads and pens are examples of personalized wedding favors that will always come in very handy. Reusable tote bags are terrific personalized wedding favors - buy them in the wedding colors and have a photo of the newlyweds embossed on them, or couples having a theme wedding might choose a theme-related design for the front of bags and subtly print their names on the handles.


If couples want to give personalized wedding favors but don't necessarily want to distribute favors with their names printed or engraved on them, they can wrap any favor with specially-ordered embossed ribbon that features their names and wedding date on it, turning any items into instantly personalized wedding favors.


Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:07 pm
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