Philadelphia Wedding Rings


Philadelphia Wedding Rings:


From classic gold bands to rings that are handcrafted from reclaimed metal, Philadelphia wedding rings are as varied as the couples that wear them.  Whether you're looking for a custom design, something traditional, or an eco-friendly wedding ring, you're guaranteed to find it from one of these fine Philadelphia jewelers. 


Custom, Handcrafted, and Eco-Friendly Philadelphia Wedding Rings

Exquisite, handmade jewelry from premium gold and platinum is the signature work of the Caleb Meyer Studio (  Visit the studio to browse finished pieces or to start the ordering process for your own Caleb Meyer masterpiece.  After discussing your desires, you can review a sketch of your custom wedding ring design before the metalsmith begins crafting the creation by hand.  Orders generally take 6 to 8 weeks so give yourself plenty of time.  


Bario-Neal ( also handcrafts custom wedding rings in Philadelphia, but these gorgeous creations are made of recycled metals and ethically-sourced gemstones for the eco-conscious couple.  Bario-Neal jewelry is packaged in recycled glass jars and muslin bags to ensure the least environmental impact possible.  If you're interested in celebrating your love with an eco-friendly wedding ring, you can contact the designers directly through their website to get started.


Traditional and Diamond Wedding Rings

Serving Philadelphia for more than half a century, Safian & Rudolph Jewelers ( offers a great selection of platinum and gold wedding rings.  Elegant diamond bands are available in an assortment of contemporary and traditional styles or browse their line of tungsten and titanium bands.  Safian & Rudolph can also custom design your wedding rings if you don't find a style that suits your tastes.


Barsky Diamonds of Philadelphia ( specializes in gorgeous diamond wedding bands and also carries a unique selection of classic wedding rings.  All diamond bands are set in either platinum or white gold for a sophisticated finish.  Barsky's classic designs feature smooth, milgrain, and hammered styles, as well as inlays and intricate patterns so you're sure to find the perfect wedding rings.

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