Photo Wedding Invitations


A photo wedding invitation is a creative and personal way to invite your guests to celebrate your wedding with you. Photography attaches faces to the upcoming wedding, sometimes introducing the bride or groom to a distant relative or long-lost friend. A photo can give a glimpse into the couple's personality and chemistry and set the tone for the wedding. With countless photo-invitation options, both casual and formal affairs can adopt this custom detail in their designs.


Photo Wedding Invitations: Layout


If your invitation is single-panel, you can feature a photo of the two of you as part of the invitation's design with the photo positioned above or to the side of the wording. Alter your chosen photo to accommodate the style and formality of the invitation; black and white, sepia, faded edges and full-color options can make a photo blend in beautifully with the design. A photo can also be faded into a watermark behind the text, offering a softer, subtler look at the happy couple. If a photo is used as a watermark, experiment with fonts and font colors to ensure that the invitation remains easy to read.


If your invitations are folded, you can still have a photo printed on the inside, or you can opt for a photo on the front. Consider using the photo as an attached element, or create a cluster or line of multiple photos across the top or down the side.


Photo Wedding Invitations: Materials


Many couples like to incorporate different textures in their invitations. Photo wedding invitations can easily incorporate vellum or rice paper accents. Print your photo on the vellum as an overlay on top of the invitation's main text. This may be a more legible option than a watermark, while also providing elegance and style. Another vellum option would be to print multiple photos onto a removable strip that wraps around the invitation.


If you're printing your own invitations, be sure to resource a printer that can handle photography. Test printing options early so you don't run into problems when under a stressful deadline.


Photo Wedding Invitations: Choosing the Photo


The photo and/or photos you choose to feature in your invitations can enhance the mood and formality you're trying to convey through your stationery. A photograph can help capture the season of the wedding; if you're having a spring wedding, a photo of you and your spouse-to-be among the buds and blossoms of spring will point to the romance of the season. A laughter-filled candid shot might indicate a more casual wedding, whereas a formal studio shot might be more appropriate for a formal affair.

Consider the location of the wedding, the theme and color palette being used, and what pose or attitude best reflects you as a couple. That said, a photo wedding invitation doesn't need to feature the couple; the photo could be of a place or thing that holds special significance to the impending marriage. If you're going to be featuring multiple photographs, or relatively small ones, headshots may be a wiser choice than distant full-body shots.

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