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Pocket Wedding Invitations


Pocket wedding invitations are a sophisticated stationery option that keeps your invitation's inserts organized and streamlined. With a pocket inside the invitation, you won't have to worry about guests misplacing reception directions or response cards. Thinking about ordering pocketfold wedding invitations? Consider the following options:


Pocket Wedding Invitations: Portable Pockets


A portable pocket is a single pocket that allows you to print and insert your invitation text into it along with your supplemental inserts. This design is simple, with no opening or folding involved. It's a streamlined option that often makes for a lighter invitation and thus saves on shipping.


Pocket Wedding Invitations: Bi-Fold Pocketfold


A bi-fold pocket invitation has one fold and opens to reveal two panels. The main invitation's text will be printed on one side - typically the right side - whereas a pocket will be on the left panel. Another design option would be to have the invitation open vertically, with the pocket on the bottom half and the invitation's text on the top half.


Pocket Wedding Invitations: Tri-Fold Pocketfold


The tri-fold pocket design has two folds that open to reveal three panels.  The wording of the invitation typically lies on the center panel. This design presents you with the most customizable option, as you have two extra panels to work with; some couples will opt for a pocket on one panel, while those requiring multiple inserts will choose to have two pockets. Two pockets allow you to keep response cards separate from reception and direction details. A tri-fold design also accommodates bilingual invitations, as invitation text in a second language could be printed on the extra panel.


Pocket Wedding Invitations: Make Your Own


Some creative couples will opt for designing and making their own pocket invitations. The simplest design is the portable pocket; dress it up with a paper wraparound or a hand-tied ribbon encircling the stationary. Be sure to first create a carefully measured template that fits your chosen envelopes. Make your handmade pocket wedding invitations with the help of a quality paper cutter to ensure that your edges are clean and even. Double-sided adhesive is often recommended for ensuring your work is secure and smooth. Seek design advice from stationary shops and online resources before attempting to construct your own pocket wedding invitations.


Pocket Wedding Invitations: Stuff It


Once you have your design chosen, you'll need to stuff your pocket wedding invitations. Insert the reception card first, with the RSVP card and envelope on top of it. Essentially, keep the inserts that need returning at the forefront. When you've stuffed the pocket, close the invitation and then place it, facing up, into an addressed outer envelope.


Send off your stylish pocket wedding invitation and await the return of those RSVP cards!

Last Updated: February 23, 2010 at 9:57 am
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