Printable Wedding Invitations


Couples looking to customize their wedding invitations and wedding save the date magnets on a budget might consider opting for printable wedding invitations. With countless templates and downloadable invitations available, brides and grooms can easily create unique stationery for their dream wedding.


Printable Wedding Invitations: Templates


Printable wedding invitation templates are available online and in some stationery stores. Many of these templates are free to download so budget-savvy couples can experiment with different looks at no cost. Because there are so many printable wedding invitation packages available, it's best to first establish your wedding's theme and brainstorm the features and basic design of your invitations before seeking templates. Find a template that best reflects your wedding. Some printable wedding invitations come fully designed; you merely need to add text and select a few basic layout or color details. Other printable wedding invitation templates are blank, giving creative couples the opportunity to design their invites from scratch.


Printable Wedding Invitations: Customization


Some printable wedding invitation templates are designed to be more customizable than others; that said, with the right software, any design could be altered to suit the couple's liking. Change fonts and colors and add photos or graphics to make the invitations one-of-a-kind. Look at designer invitations and find examples of what you love as a starting point. Consider working your wedding's theme and color scheme into the invitations. Add your own text to reflect the tone and formality of the event.


Printable Wedding Invitations: Paper


If you want your printable wedding invitations to look professional, choose high-quality paper with coordinating envelopes. While shops catering to wedding invitations certainly stock beautiful paper and card stock, so do craft stores, stationary shops and auction sites. Again, if you look at premade invitations as inspiration, you'll be able to determine which paper types best suit your intended look. Of course, with printable wedding invitations, you also have the option of sending your completed design electronically to friends and family. For last-minute events or eco-friendly couples, emailed invitations might be an appealing option.


Printable Wedding Invitations: Printing


Before you start printing your wedding invitations, make sure that you have the appropriate printing equipment. Some couples may opt to print from home. If you choose to use your home printer, be prepared with additional ink cartridges and anticipate that some invitations will need reprinting. Test your printer before starting to print large batches of invitations. Aim for the highest quality of printing you can get. Many couples will design their printable wedding invitations at home and then have a professional printing or photo service print the invitations. This guarantees high-quality printing and often expands printing options to include fancier papers and features like gold leaf detailing. If you're going to use the services of a printing company, have them print your invitations' inserts and addressed envelopes at the same time; the final project will look cohesive and you may be able to get a deal thanks to your large order.


Printable Wedding Invitations: Added Touch


To add dimension and softness to your printed wedding invitations, consider adding a ribbon or lace detail. A simple addition of texture will make your invitations seem more personalized and romantic.

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