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Romantic Honeymoons


Couples looking for the ultimate in romance have endless honeymoon possibilities at their disposal. For metropolitan newlyweds, certain cities hold more romantic allure than others. When planning your romantic honeymoon, consider the following destinations:


Romantic Honeymoons: Paris


No discussion of romantic cities would be complete without mention of "the city of light." Paris is considered by many to be the most romantic city in the world. People watch from a quaint bistro, explore the fashion district by foot, or spend the day in art galleries and museums. Walk hand-in-hand along the Seine, take in the local jazz scene, and be inspired by the gorgeous architecture of Notre Dame and the Louvre. Say "Je t'aime" to the love of your life atop the Eiffel Tower, and then stroll through the gardens of the Tuileries. Springtime in Paris has no competition.


Romantic Honeymoons: Venice

A romantic gondola ride on Venice's waterways is the ultimate in romantic transportation. Venice is home to some of Europe's finest in art, architecture, fashion and cuisine. Stroll through the city streets, stopping to sip wine and take in the gorgeous scenery.


Romantic Honeymoons: New York City

Arguably the most romantic city in the United States, New York City is a pedestrian-friendly city offering both vibrant tourist attractions and quiet escapes for honeymooners. Take a carriage ride through Central Park, stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge and along the promenade, take in a Broadway show, visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and indulge in a candlelit dinner at one of the fine-dining establishments for which the city is famous. No visit to New York City is complete without stops at the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building.


Romantic Honeymoons: Barcelona

Wander around the shops and cafes on Barcelona's famous street, Las Ramblas. Embrace your inner photographer and capture the stunning surreal designs of Antoni Gaudi. After indulging in succulent Spanish cuisine, take in a flamenco show, and then dance the night away. This lively city will put you in the mood for romance.


Romantic Honeymoons: Vienna

Vienna, the capital of Austria, welcomes long romantic walks through its city streets. Explore the shops and cafes as you experience European history. As this is Mozart's hometown, no visit to Vienna is complete without the orchestra experience; Vienna is a total sensory experience.


Romantic Honeymoons: San Francisco

San Francisco is home to gorgeous views, great food and a laidback vibe suited to metropolitan couples. Sample oysters in Fisherman's Wharf, or hike through the nearby Muir Woods. Embrace old-fashioned romance on a famous cable car.


Romantic Honeymoons: Prague

History-loving couples will adore Prague's Old Town Square. Let the 600-year-old astronomical clock keep time as you explore its city streets. Visit Prague Castle, a perfect hilltop fairytale stop on your romantic honeymoon, and dine on the intimate riverside terrace at Kampa Park overlooking Charles Bridge. This is a less-visited honeymoon spot bursting with culture and romantic potential.

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