Santa Rosa Wedding Favors


Santa Rosa Wedding Favors:


Wedding favors and gifts are a great way to say "thank you" to your guests for celebrating your special day. There are so many options to choose from that will fit your style and budget. If you are looking for place that sells Santa Rosa wedding favors~ take a look at our options below.


Nancy's Fancy's  707-546-2253

Nancy's Fancy's has been making lives festive since 1983. At this popular Santa Rosa wedding favor store ~ you can also stock up on wedding cake, candy, take classes and more! Think of them as an all-in-one celebration location. The staff at Nancy's Fancy's has been accommodating brides for years and they pride themselves on making your party planning fun. Even if you need some inspiration for your event or have seen something on TV or in a magazine and would like to recreate it- Nancy's Fancy's is ready to help!

Candy Bouquet  707-575-0145

Check out Candy Bouquet if you are looking for a truly unique Santa Rosa wedding favor store. They specialize in personalized, creative bouquets and gifts for all occasions. Candy Bouquet offers quality gourmet candies and chocolates from all over the world. Their gift baskets can also include coffee, cocoa, cookies or any other item that goes along with your wedding theme. Their bouquets are especially tailored to each type of event. Brides can also use a Candy Bouquet arrangement as a centerpiece for the reception ~ which is perfect since it won't fade, wilt or die. This gift will definitely leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Imageglow Candles  415-546-6020                                                     

If you are looking for a more romantic type of wedding favor... Imageglow Candles have been getting plenty of buzz among brides to be. You may have seen these products featured in Lucky, Home, Country Living and Real Simple. Imageglow is a new kind of candle that uses a patented process to embed gorgeous patterns and designs into the wax of lantern and pillar candles. The flame backlights the pattern and GLOWS when illuminated. These candles make special gifts and are available in a wide variety of chic patterns and colors. There is an Imageglow candle color and style for every occasion and decorating scheme.


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