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Small Wedding Venues


Small Wedding Venues:

Small wedding venues can be formal or informal, simple or elaborate. Once a couple has chosen a small wedding venue, they can plan the ceremony and reception details to fit the particulars of the space. Couples who decide on small wedding venues take special pleasure in the warmth and intimacy between the celebrants and guests that a smaller setting allows.


Small wedding venues - restaurants

Restaurants are generally at the top of the list when considering small wedding venues. Many restaurants have private rooms that can be rented as small wedding venues. And, depending on the size of the restaurant and the number of wedding guests, sometimes it makes sense - both practically and financially - to rent out the entire restaurant. Some restaurants even have special event staff who will help design a menu and with other reception arrangements. If there's a specific cuisine that's a favorite of the couple - e.g., Cajun, continental - they should check out local restaurants that might work as small wedding venues. Or if there's a favorite restaurant or one that has special significance to them, they should find out if it can be rented for a private party.


Small wedding venues - other options

Non-denominational chapels are often smaller than other houses of worship and can be excellent small wedding venues. These can be a particularly good choice for inter-faith couples wanting a spiritual element to their wedding ceremony. And if couples are having a religious ceremony, they can opt for a chapel instead of a large sanctuary if they want to be married in a small wedding venue.

Many locations that are available for larger events and receptions can work as small wedding venues as well. Botanical gardens, for example, are wonderful wedding locations, and they may offer a number of areas appropriate for weddings, some smaller than others. Other places that can be scaled down and adapted for small wedding venues include art galleries, boats, historic homes, museums and wineries or vineyards.

Country inns and Bed and Breakfasts (B&Bs) are popular small wedding venues that can turn the event into a mini-destination wedding, since guests have the opportunity to spend the night or weekend. These small wedding venues offer an added layer of convenience and inclusion - the wedding celebrants and guests are all staying at the same location, giving everyone the chance to spend more time with one another. 


Private homes can be transformed into beautiful small wedding venues, and if it's the home of a family member or friend of the bride or groom, there's an added personal connection. These small wedding venues also might be an economical choice for couples who want to save money. Remember, though, that while weddings at private home save on facility rental fees, couples should keep in mind that these small wedding venues have many other costs attached - including chairs, tables, dishes, silverware and a variety of other items that still have to be rented. Couples considering a private home who don't want to be overwhelmed with planning details might want to think about other small wedding venues that offer all-in-one event packages.


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