Square Wedding Cakes


Square Wedding Cakes:


There's nothing "square" about square wedding cakes, which are catching on with couples looking for a contemporary new "angle" on the traditional wedding cake. By replacing conventional round tiers with cornered layers, square wedding cakes offer a modern and elegant variation on the classic cake style.


Square wedding cakes can be decorated in as many ways as round ones and offer new possibilities for outstanding, attention-grabbing designs. Many couples incorporate their wedding colors or theme decorations into the ornamentation on their square wedding cakes. Square wedding cakes can be especially striking when part of a black-and-white color scheme.

One particularly unique look for square wedding cakes is for them to be decorated to look like a stack of elaborately wrapped gifts. When this is done, each layer has its own color and design, complete with intricate ribbons and bows. Another popular look for square wedding cakes is for each layer to be set at a different angle, so that they're not stacked straight one on top of another. Couples looking for a little whimsy might ask the pastry chef to make one of the layers look a bit precarious, as if it might tip over. Square wedding cakes might also include one or more layers of a different shape for some clever contrast - hexagons are another angular shape that would work well in this manner.

Rolled fondant icing - a combination of sugar, corn syrup and gelatin that's placed over the cake like a pie crust, then trimmed and decorated - can be used to create smooth, angled corners that heighten the fresh, clean impression made by square wedding cakes. Buttercream frosting also works nicely with square wedding cakes, although fondant, with its dramatic, picture perfect finish, is a more common choice these days.

It's customary for square wedding cakes to be of graduated size, starting with the smallest layer on the top, the same as with round cakes. Many square wedding cakes place the layers directly on top of one another, and in many cases a decorative border of some sort is put in between each of the layer, right where they meet, for a more geometric, Art Deco-like appearance. Another option is to use pillars to separate one layer from another. Flowers or other decorations can be put in between each layer, or the pillared space can be left open.

An appealing variation on large square wedding cakes that's gaining in popularity is serving mini square wedding cakes. These are relatively easy to prepare and can offer more design opportunities than one large cake. Some couples serve mini wedding cakes in addition to having a larger, more formal cake - mini square wedding cakes can be decorated to match a larger cake or in different colors and patterns.

In addition their more modern appearance, one notable advantage to square wedding cakes is that they're easier to cut than round cakes, so it will take less time for the cake to be ready to be served to wedding guests. Also, the square shape generally yields more servings in square wedding cakes than similarly-sized round cakes, which could result in some savings in the wedding budget.

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