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The Big Day: Ballet-Inspired Details


To Wear: We dressed our bride in a clever, interchangeable ensemble from Elizabeth Dye. The exquisite, structured top is made from silk satin. Multiple skirt options make sure you are dressed right for the day's festivities. For the ceremony, we added a soft tulle skirt, dyed to just the right "ballerina pink" hue. A large handmade flower completes the look with a sweet silk flower in her hair as well. For the after party, consider this adorable green silk organza skirt! Paired with some killer high heels, it will ensure you have lots of fun at your party. A fluff of handmade poppies and roses embellish the waistline.Our bride rocked two hair styles. A soft, side chignon and a sweet and flirty side braid. Both created by Madeline Roosevelt.

To Decorate: Our deceptively elegant table is really quite budget friendly. We started with basic rentals: ivory linen cloth (to the floor) and gold Chivari chairs. Homemade linen napkins and thrifted plates and utensils make up the place settings. For the centerpiece, we gathered inexpensive gold candlesticks from thrift stores (around $1 each). The gorgeous, tall candles are from our favorite candle company, Creative Candles. They have a wide array of colors so you can find the perfect hue for your table. Two sweet flower pots of peony stems complete the look. For fun, we added some gold swans! Two thrifted swans (less than $5 at a thrift store) were added to the table. We also decorated the room with a few larger gold swans filled with peonies.

To EatInstead of a traditional wedding cake, consider a croquembouche! A croquembouche is French dessert made from a tower of cream puffs and is dressed with caramel. Not only is it delicious, but it's gorgeous and festive as well! Ours is from Portland-based La Provence Bakery.

Enjoy implementing these playful but elegant touches to your wedding!

Credits + Sources:

Photography: Lisa Warninger. Dresses + wardrobe styling: Elizabeth Dye. Hair and Makeup: Madeline Roosevelt. Prop and floral styling: Chelsea Fuss.Model: Hannah Osborn. Assistants: Lauren Willhite and Amber Johnstun. Headband: Twigs and Honey. Additional flowers: The English Dept. Table card holder: Cabin 7. Large gold swans: Fish Bone Deco. Croquembouche: La Provence Bakery. Candles: Creative Candles.


Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:21 am
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