A DIY Bridesmaid Guide!


Make your bridesmaids lives that much easier with this stunning guide to every detail of the day. Inside this precious piece of mail they will find samples of color palettes, an accessories guide, important date information and contact numbers! The best part? The pretty packaging!




To make each guide you will need:
A 17" by 5.7" piece of paper (the paper used here was cut from a poster size sheet purchased at Paper Source)
Approximately 8.75" by 5.75" piece of matching/coordinating cardstock, OR an A2 size envelope
Downloadable guide template



Assembling the guide:
(1) Print page 1 and 2 of the .pdf template on either side of the 17" by 5.7" paper. Take time to familiarize yourself with your printer's settings - printing on unconventional size paper can be tricky. You will have to change the settings to indicate a custom paper size.
(2) Once printed, accordian fold the paper to create a booklet as shown.

Making the envelope sleeve:
(1) The guide is sized such that it will fit into a standard size A2 envelope. However, here we've made our own, open-ended sleeve by folding a piece of cardsock around the guide, leaving a small tab for gluing. Open ends are secured by wrapping address labels around the sides as shown.



Completing and giving:
To complete and give each guide here are some suggestions on what to include:
(1) - Printed photos and when applicable fabric swatches, for bridesmaid dresses, shoes and accessories. Even if you plan to let your bridesmaids chose their own dresses, think of this as a good resource to guide them in their search. Providing fabric swatches in the colors and textures you prefer will help ensure that all members of your bridal party are on the same aesthetic wavelength.
(2) - Business cards, and a glassine envelope (5) to tuck them into. If you're all getting hair done together, why not include the salon's business card for reference? Cards from the dress shop, tailor or relevant vendors might also be handy.
(3) and (4) - These bridesmaid's guides can be mailed using appropriate postage and the address labels included in the downloadable template. You can print the labels on adhesive paper, or just use plain paper and affix with a glue stick.
(6) and (7) - If you'll be hand delivering these guides you can finish them off with a ribbon tie and an oval label (also from the template).

Additional tips:
- Use the "Dates" page to note important dates leading up to the wedding such as shopping trips, dress fitting, hair appointments, etc.
- Note the bridesmaids/maid of honor cell numbers and emails to keep everyone connected.


Last Updated: August 13, 2014 at 7:07 pm
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