Theme Wedding Favors


Theme Wedding Favors:

When couples celebrate their marriage with a theme wedding, giving carefully-selected theme wedding favors to their guests can be the perfect finishing touch to the festivities. In addition to looking for favors that are specific to particular wedding themes, there are many familiar items that can be specially adapted and transformed into theme wedding favors.


 Theme Wedding Favors - Edible:

Candy and chocolate are always popular wedding favors and can easily be customized into theme wedding favors. If you're having a winter wedding, for example, you can choose seasonal sweets like fudge and candy canes as theme wedding favors. For a Halloween theme, consider candy corn or candy apples, packaged in fun trick-or-treat bags. Retro wedding guests can take home classics like Bazooka bubble gum, Bit-O-Honey, Necco wafers and Jujubes.


Many other food items could also make terrific theme wedding favors. For a western-themed wedding, consider barbecue or hot sauce or chili seasonings. Tasty theme wedding favors for summer and autumn weddings might be homemade jam, preserves or chutney made fresh from local farm stands or specialty shops.


Couples having a retro wedding might give DVD copies of classic screwball comedy films from the 1930s and 1940s as theme wedding favors. Beach-themed wedding couples could distribute copies of campy Annette Funicello-Frankie Avalon beach movies. Planning a western wedding? John Wayne movies would be wonderful theme wedding favors. To further personalize these theme wedding favors, the DVD cover artwork can be re-designed using Photoshop or another computer program to feature the bride and groom in place of the movie stars.


Candles are traditional favor ideas that can easily be tailored for use as theme wedding favors. Think about colors that are associated with your theme - ocean blue and sandy beige for a beach wedding, for example - and buy candles in complementary hues and distribute them as theme wedding favors at the end of the reception. An autumn-themed wedding can feature seasonal colors like gold, red and brown, and theme wedding favor candles for a winter wedding can be white, red and green.


One of the benefits of choosing candles as theme wedding favors is that they can be found in many different sizes and shapes. There are pumpkin candles for Halloween-themed weddings, castles for fairy tale weddings, hearts for Valentine's Day weddings, etc. Pillar candles can be hand decorated with charms and other designs that reflect the wedding theme. Scented candles, such as peppermint or nutmeg for a Christmastime wedding, can also be chosen as theme wedding favors.


Another idea for theme wedding favors is ornaments or cookie cutters. These can be both decorative and practical and are available in shapes and designs that fit most wedding themes. Recipes can be included that are adapted for these theme wedding favors - "beach ball cookies" for a round cookie cutter, for example. And if there's not a shape that suits a particular wedding theme, a heart-shaped ornament is always an appropriate choice for a wedding celebration. Ornaments and cookie cutters used as theme wedding favors can also be painted to match wedding colors or otherwise decorated with themed designs.

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