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Theme Wedding Invitations


If you're having a theme wedding, there's no better way to set the stage for your affair than to have your wedding invitations or save the date wedding magnets reflect that theme. Give your guests a taste of what's to come with carefully chosen stationery. Any theme can be incorporated into your invitation design. Below are only a few of the endless theme wedding invitation options.


Theme Wedding Invitations: Fairytale Romance


Fairytale-themed wedding invitations should evoke storybook romance. Use ornate scripted fonts, images or watermarks of castles, crowns or carriages, and use romantic textures like ribbon and lace. Because of the fantasy element of fairytales, you can dress up your invitations with sparkle and glamour; rhinestone additions might tie in a jeweled detail found throughout your wedding. Consider using a scroll-style invitation or program, tied with ribbon and incorporating delicate layers of vellum or rice paper.


Theme Wedding Invitations: Celtic Wedding

Embrace your wedding's Celtic theme by using motifs and symbols reflective of your day. An embossed Celtic claddagh design, a series of love knots, or a Celtic-knot border all tie in the theme subtly and would work with any traditional design. Add your family's tartan, scenic photography or a Gaelic proverb to further establish the theme.


Theme Wedding Invitations: Winter Wonderland


Some winter weddings use the season as their theme. Considering you'll be sending out your invitations in the fall, you can capture the anticipation of snowfall in your stationary. Use pearl white paper, incorporate a snowflake into a custom monogram, and place strategic rhinestones to appear as snow or stars in a winter sky. Wintery photography works well, as does using a crisp black-and-white scheme. If you're having a holiday affair, you may opt to include metallics and seasonal colors or a graphic that references Christmas, New Year's or Valentine's Day.


Theme Wedding Invitations: Western Wedding

Create a cowboy-friendly invitation using natural colors and nontraditional layouts. Find a font that references the Wild West, use a leather-like ribbon to tie your invitations, and use graphics or photography that capture a western feel. Boots, a cowboy hat, horses, tumbleweed, a saloon's swinging door and the open range all make for great watermark options. Consider designing your theme wedding invitations to look like "Wanted" posters. A Western-wedding invitation can be creative and fun.


Theme Wedding Invitations: Childhood Sweethearts

If your wedding is a celebration of long-time love, use a photograph of the two of you as children as part of the invitation's design. Your guests will love the sweet peek at your past, and you'll have set the tone for a nostalgic innocence in your wedding. Illustrations of the two of you and passages from children's books will charm everyone who reads the invite. Use your invitations as a chance to tell part of your love story.


Theme Wedding Invitations: Destination Affair

If you're getting married far from home, use your invitations to introduce your guests to destination. Choose tropical flowers and vibrant colors for a Caribbean event, or opt for tranquil blues and seaside motifs for a wedding by the sea. A Parisian ceremony might dictate a graphic Eiffel Tower and bilingual wording. As the wedding itself will likely be casual, be creative with your invitations and incorporate unique textures and destination-specific photos and color palettes.


Fairytale invite

Winter wonderland invite 

Destination wedding invite

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 10:32 pm
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