To Veil or Not to Veil?


Veils have had a place in marriage ceremonies for centuries, possibly dating as far back as ancient Roman times when wedding veils were said to ward off evil spirits that preyed on young brides.  In today's society, wedding veils have lost most of their past symbolic meanings and are instead gorgeous accessories that enhance the beauty of the bride.  Veils can be long or short, they may cover the face or not - some modern brides choose not to wear a veil at all.  Will you?

Why Not?

There are a number of reasons you may be swaying toward skipping the wedding veil.  Maybe you're getting married outdoors and you're afraid the wind will create problems or you may want to show off your hair rather than cover it up.  Some brides are afraid the veil will do nothing but frustrate them throughout the ceremony.  Whatever reasons you may have, remember that it's your wedding and you should feel comfortable.  There are no rules that force a bride has to wear a wedding veil; it's completely up to you. 

Why Veil?

If you're considering not wearing a veil, think about it carefully before making a final decision - after all, how many chances does a girl get to wear a wedding veil?  There are so many different options and styles available today; most of your concerns can be easily overcome with the right selection. 

Common Concerns 

  • My wedding is too informal for a veil. A shoulder or elbow length veil with a simple headpiece and minimal embellishments typically looks great on any bride, even if your gown is a bit more casual.

  • I'm getting married on the beach. Sand and wind are not the best combination for wedding veils, but the veil can add so much to your beach wedding pictures! Opt for a cathedral length veil to give more control - shorter veils will almost always end up in your face.

  • I don't want to cover my face. No problem! There are plenty of veils worn near the back of your head that are designed without the blusher that goes over your face.

  • I can't dance in a wedding veil. Detachable veils are extremely popular just for that reason. As soon as the ceremony and photographs are over, you can remove the veil from the headpiece and still look just as beautiful.

 Whether you decide to veil or not to veil, be sure it's a decision made based on your own desires and not what a friend or family member wants.  This is your wedding and you should feel comfortable wearing (or not wearing) a veil.        

Last Updated: December 29, 2008 at 10:14 am
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