Unique Wedding Invitations


Wedding invitations come in all shapes and sizes, but it's easy to get caught up with traditional designs, layouts and materials. For the couple that wants something unique and fresh, consider wedding invitations that embrace out-of-the-ordinary style. Posters, unique shapes, custom graphics and unconventional elements create wedding invitations that won't be quickly forgotten.


Unique Wedding Invitations: Sound


Invite by Voice creates custom voice invitation cards. Record a message in your own voice; guests will open their invitations to hear from you in a unique way. Share your love story, a quick anecdote, or just extend the formal invitation out loud. The stationary company also allows you to select music from their music library. The "William Tell Overture" or "Wedding March" will add to the excitement of your impending wedding while charming guests with a novel invitation idea.


Unique Wedding Invitations: Caricatures


Avoid using stock photos or graphics and consider having caricatures of your likeness in your invitations. Fun designs by Simple Difference are customized, so even the details will reflect you. Incorporate pets, kids, ethnic elements and hobbies; these designs are meant to capture you as a couple. The artist will work with you to create a cartoon that best suits the formality of your affair. Be the star of your unique wedding invitations. Simple Difference can also create save-the-dates, programs or table numbers, so you can use caricatures throughout your event or simply opt to use this fun idea in the most casual element of your stationary needs.


Unique Wedding Invitations: Pop-Up


Pop-up cards are fun and could be a great option for the lighthearted couple. The card company Up With Paper has several fun 3D cards perfect for wedding invitations. Have a pop-up castle announce your fairytale wedding in whimsical style, or let a 3D bouquet anticipate the bouquet toss to come. Your prospective guests will break out into smiles when they open the unique wedding invitations that can be displayed as miniature works of art.


Unique Wedding Invitations: Cutting-Edge Custom


For couples looking for a completely different approach to wedding invitations, check out the inspiring designs by Corndog Industries. Each design is personalized, capturing the vibe and theme of your wedding. Some of their previous custom work includes a Ouija Board wedding invitation printed on cherry veneer, a backstage-pass invite perfect for the rock-and-roll couple, a coffin-shaped card created for a Halloween wedding, and a rolled-up Medieval invitation printed on baked parchment with burnt edges. The designs are so impressive that your guests will want to frame their invitations.

Custom made Pop-up Invitations

Photographer and pop-up book artist Colette Fu can custom make your wedding invitations using your own photographs to creatively personalize every card.  Colette also works with other respected artists if you prefer your card to have more of a fine art appeal.


Invite By Voice: http://www.invitebyvoice.com/

Simple Difference: http://www.simpledifference.com/

Up With Paper: http://www.upwithpaper.com/

Corndog Industries: http://www.corndogindustries.com/

Colette Fu, Pop-ups and Photography http://www.colettefu.com/


Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 1:37 am
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