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Wedding Cake Designs


Wedding cake designs:

When it comes to wedding cake designs, it used to be that couples were limited to a few wedding cake designs featured in unreal-looking photographs at the local bakery. Now, there are television reality shows about baking sky's-the-limit wedding cake designs, mail-order and online bakeries that will deliver to and from anywhere on the globe and literally countless photos of wedding cake designs on the Internet.


Like all other wedding day choices, deciding about wedding cake designs can seem overwhelming, but there are a few things prospective brides and grooms should keep in mind. If a tiered wedding cake design is what you want, its traditional appearance can be enhanced with rolled fondant frosting -- a combination of sugar, corn syrup and gelatin that's placed over the cake in one sheet like a pie crust, then trimmed and decorated -- and eye-catching decorations and cake toppers.


 Wedding cake designs - elaborate

If you're considering one of the more elaborate wedding cake designs, the first thing to do is find an experienced bakery or pastry chef that you're confident can pull it off. Well-skilled bakers and pastry chefs should be able to create wedding cake designs that combine their expertise with a couple's dream vision of what their wedding cake should look like. But don't just look at pictures of their work -- talk to clients, look at wedding cake designs they're working on now, and be sure to taste samples. Most bakeries offer a variety of cake flavors and fillings, and while wedding cake designs and how the cake looks is very important, even more crucial is that it's a tasty treat for guests and celebrants.


In addition to size and shape, wedding cake designs can be personalized in a variety of ways. Couples can incorporate their wedding colors into the cake decorations or use design elements that reflect their heritage and culture. If you're torn between a tiered wedding cake and more contemporary wedding cake designs, you might want to opt for a small, traditionally styled wedding cake and serve it alongside a fancifully decorated groom wedding cake or wedding cupcakes frosted in a variety of bold colors.


With all the choices out there, deciding on wedding cake designs can be quite a challenge for couples. Don't get caught up with too many details - once a good working partnership with a bakery has been established, many couples like to take a step back and not see the cake until it's done. But others like to be able to provide input at every step along the way. Some elements of wedding cake designs aren't "set in stone" until the cake is made, so if the process has started far enough in advance of the wedding date, there's often time to let the pastry chef know that you've decided to add fresh flowers on top or you've changed your mind about the color of the frosting accents. However, remember that parts of many wedding cakes are assembled days or even weeks in advance of the reception, so major changes to wedding cake designs can't be made at the last minute.

Images courtesy: Vanilla Bake Shop, Santa Monica, CA

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:45 am
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