Wedding Cake Knife


Wedding cake knife:

A wedding cake knife plays a vital role in one of the most important moments in a wedding reception: the ceremonial cutting of the cake. For this reason, not just any knife will do. A specially-designed wedding cake knife is not only a must-have item, it is destined to become a meaningful keepsake for the bride and groom.


Wedding cake knife - formal weddings

At most formal wedding receptions, the wedding cake knife is put to use after dinner has been served and all the wedding toasts have been made. All eyes are on the bride and groom as they stand at the cake table and lift the wedding cake knife to make the first cut. The bride should hold the wedding cake knife in her right hand, while the groom stands behind her, his right hand covering hers.

Many couples share a playful moment at this time, feeding each other a small piece of cake - the rules of etiquette state that the groom should feed the first bite to the bride, then she should give a taste to the groom. This gesture actually has symbolic meaning, representing their first meal as a married couple and their intention to take care of each other in the future. Every guest should eat at least a crumb of the cake to ensure good luck for the couple.

To commemorate the moment, many couples have the wedding cake knife - often with a matching wedge-shaped server - engraved with their names and their wedding date. An instant family heirloom is created this way, and the couple can look forward to using the wedding cake knife at their first anniversary to cut the layer of their wedding cake that is customarily saved and frozen.

It seems like a simple item, but a wedding cake knife can be designed in a number of shapes and sizes and is usually made from crystal, glass or silver (stainless steel, silverplate or sterling silver). Whatever material the wedding cake knife is made of, the blade is generally stainless steel, which is long lasting and won't tarnish when used. Sometimes, if the wedding cake knife has a glass or Lucite handle, this is decorated with ribbons or paint to match the colors or theme of the wedding.


Wedding cake knife - great gift idea!

A wedding cake knife or server set is a popular bridal shower or wedding gift. A bride and groom can pick out a design they like or trust the choice of friends and family. Couples who register for bridal china and silver often choose a wedding cake knife in the same pattern. That way, the wedding cake knife is incorporated into their formal dinnerware and will most likely be used more frequently.

If either the bride or groom's family has a wedding cake knife that has been used for generations, using that one is a lovely way to continue a tradition. When that's the case, have a family member be in charge of the wedding cake knife until it's time for the cake cutting ceremony - and that person should also take it back after the pictures have been taken, to make sure this special wedding cake knife doesn't get accidentally misplaced.

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