Wedding Candy Favors


Wedding Candy Favors:

There's no sweeter treat than wedding candy favors. And with so many delicious choices - mints, gum drops, hard candies, chocolate, caramels, licorice, jelly beans, just to name a few - every couple can find wedding candy favors to satisfy their sweet tooth ... and of course delight guests of all ages as well!


Wedding Candy Favors - traditions

Among the best known wedding candy favors are Jordan almonds. These traditional wedding candy favors can trace their roots back to ancient Greek and Roman times, where honey-sweetened almonds were often served during celebrations. When sugar cane began to be refined (in the 15th century) it replaced honey as a coating, and these soon became customary wedding candy favors - the bittersweet taste of almonds was thought to symbolize both the sweet and bitter aspects of married life.


At Italian weddings, each guest is traditionally given five almonds - representing health, wealth, happiness, fertility and long life. Some also think there's added significance to the number five because it's indivisible, as a newlywed couple should be. Today, Jordan almonds are still common wedding candy favors, and their candy coating can be interpreted as tilting the scales in favor of married life's sweetness. Jordan almonds can be ordered in many different colors, but white and pastel shades are the most traditional choices for wedding candy favors.


 Wedding Candy Favors - Oh, Chocolate!

Just about any sweet treat can be given as wedding candy favors, but near or at the top of everyone's list of favorite wedding candy favors is chocolate. Chocolate bars can be ordered with personalized labels, and custom bars or pieces can be made featuring the couple's names or initials. Mini-boxes of individual pieces of chocolate are also popular wedding candy favors. Some couples choose novelty shapes or select pieces of chocolate that match their wedding theme.


A fun way to display and distribute wedding candy favors is to buy a variety of different candies - the more colorful, the better - and then fill small glass jars or clear plastic containers with the goodies. These can be left at each table place setting or distributed at the end of the reception. A small net bag can also be filled with sweets, or tie an assortment of lollipops or candy sticks together with ribbon or raffia. Or put a big bowl of wedding candy favors on the dessert table with bags for the guests to fill themselves ... but if you do that, be sure to have lots of extras on hand for re-fills!


Wedding candy favors can often be bought in bulk, a good way to save money on a wedding budget. And wedding candy favors can be customized easily to match the event's color palette. M&M's can be ordered in different colors (and with personalized text as well), and so can jelly beans, coated mints and other sweets that make tasty wedding candy favors. Containers for wedding candy favors can also be chosen to go along with the wedding colors. And couples having theme weddings can choose complementary wedding candy favors, such as peanut brittle for a country-themed wedding, candy canes or fudge for a winter reception or candy-filled trick-or-treat bags for an autumn affair.


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