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Wedding Invitation Samples


Whether you're looking for wedding-invitation inspiration, or you're ready to take the plunge and order your stationery, wedding invitation samples play an important role in ensuring that you end up with the perfect invitations. Samples give you a practical example of what you're about to send to your loved ones and shouldn't be overlooked in the race to order your invites.


Wedding Invitation Samples: Get Inspiration


Browsing through stationery stores and boutiques and looking at wedding invitation samples can be a great way to glean inspiration for your own invitations. Samples speak directly to the quality and variety offered at that specific retailer, so comparison-shopping might help you narrow down your options as well. As a starting point, online samples can give you a quick impression of wedding invitation possibilities, but you'll want to hold a physical sample before making your order.


Wedding Invitation Samples: Texture and Quality


Even the highest-quality images online can't capture how an invitation will look and feel in person. By requesting samples, you can compare cardstocks and paper finishes and as well as assess the quality of the printing job. At all stages in the invitation ordering process, from initial design to printing, ask to see samples of what the supplier can do. You want to judge for yourself the weight and quality of the product rather than simply take a stranger's word for it.


Wedding Invitation Samples: Tweak and Customize


Wedding invitation samples will let you know if the design you've chosen reflects the tone and impression you were hoping it would. Before committing to a large order of cards, you have time to assess whether or not you want to tweak the design to better suit your vision. A certain printing technique or color palette might appear too soft or too harsh; your chosen paper might feel too light or too cheap. By ordering a sample or two, you have the freedom to tinker and change your mind until the invitation is just right. If the stationer can't accommodate the changes, you'll know that you need to go elsewhere for your invitations.


Wedding Invitations Samples: Determine Workload


Some wedding invitations require work from you. Whether you're assembling them from a kit or simple adding an embellishment or stuffing envelopes, a sample will help indicate what sort of workload to expect. Some invitation ideas might prove to be too inconvenient and overwhelming; it's better to know what you're getting into before you're faced with assembling 200 or more complicated invitations.


Wedding Invitation Samples: Spend Wisely


Even couples with impressive wedding budgets don't want to waste their cash. Sample wedding invitations will reassure you that you're getting your money's worth. Invitations requiring expensive printing techniques or boasting custom-designs won't come cheap; a sample will stop you from ordering invitations that don't live up to your expectations. Once you approve the sample, be sure that the stationer is willing to ensure that any printing mistakes will be corrected free of charge.

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