Wedding Shower Favors


Wedding Shower Favors:


Wedding shower favors are lovely gestures of appreciation for guests who've come to celebrate the bride-to-be, and wedding shower favors are also fun keepsakes of the event.

Wedding showers are generally hosted by the bride-to-be's close friends and/or family, and while some wedding showers are co-ed, most are still "all-girl" gatherings. This makes choosing wedding shower favors a little easier, and here are a few ideas for female-centric wedding shower favors.

Small bags of cosmetics are wedding shower favors that any woman will appreciate. Put together an assortment of products in drawstring bags, or choose one type for the wedding shower favors - for example, a manicure bag consisting of emery boards, nail polish, orange sticks and hand cream, or a pampering kit with bubble bath, moisturizer and a peel-off face mask. A variety of travel-sized lotions and potions would be excellent wedding shower favors (especially in these days of carry-on restrictions!), and all-in-one sewing kits are wedding shower favors that always come in handy.

Baskets of food-related wedding shower favors are easy to put together. A coffee mug, scoop and some gourmet ground beans is one way to go, or substitute a tea bag caddy or infuser and several different herbal teas. Small bottles of maple syrup, flavored vinegars and imported jams and jellies could be given with matching serving pieces like mini pitchers and spreaders. Packaged soup, muffin, cupcake or cookie mix could also work as edible wedding shower favors. 

Since weddings are celebrations of love, think about giving out heart-shaped wedding shower favors. Put together a mixed bag of measuring spoons, cookie cutters, soaps, candles, compact mirrors, bookmarks and other wedding shower favors that are available in this classic romantic shape.

One very special idea for wedding shower favors is to give each person attending a fine china cup and saucer, each one with a different pattern. If an afternoon "tea party"-style gathering is planned, the cup and saucer wedding shower favors can be part of the table settings, to be used during the event and then taken home. These one-of-a-kind wedding shower favors can be found easily online at eBay, at flea markets and garage sales, or even neglected in the back of a family cabinet! (Fine china cups and saucers could cost more than other, more standard wedding shower favors, so they might be best suited for smaller showers with fewer guests.)

If you're looking for very unique wedding shower favors, think about buying a bunch of vintage handkerchiefs and giving one to each guest. These can be found at many swap meets, flea markets and thrift shops and generally don't cost very much. Display the handkerchiefs in a basket then distribute them as guests leave the shower. (But remember to hand wash and iron them first!) Or consider wrapping each handkerchief around a small bar or soap and tie these special wedding shower favors closed at the corners with satin ribbon. Vintage hankies come in many delightful prints that have retained their vibrant colors over the years and as wedding shower favors go, they're nothing to sneeze at!

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