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Wedding Shower Invitations


Wedding showers, often hosted by the maid of honor, bridesmaids, or mother of the bride or groom, celebrate the impending marriage about one month in advance of the ceremony. While traditionally women-only, some showers are now co-ed. These showers can be customized to the bride or couple; a shower is a party, not a rigid ritual. Wedding shower invitations should reflect the shower's theme and bride's personality and be sent out about two months before the wedding.


Wedding Shower Invitations: What to Include


For large showers, response cards inserted in the wedding shower invitations are a practical way to keep track of RSVPs. Small intimate affairs might use phone and email as the preferred response tools.


Include wedding-shower registry information in the invitation. Especially at theme showers, the risk of duplicate gifts runs high; registries ensure that the bride receives gifts she will appreciate without having the hassle of organizing multiple returns. Also include directions and a map to the shower location. If the wedding shower is a surprise, stress this in the invitations and advise guests where to park so as not to give away the location and when their arrival is expected.


Specify who the host of the shower is, and provide contact information for guests who may have questions. Be sure to include the bride's full name, as some guests may be more familiar with the groom than with her. Detail the shower's theme and let the guests knows what to expect in terms of food, games and dress code. If it's a potluck, make this clear and include this food detail on your response cards.


Wedding Shower Invitations: Themes


Let the wedding shower invitations reflect the theme of the shower. A springtime shower might dictate floral invitations with vibrant pastel hues and garden accents. For a kitchen shower, consider invitations that include baking graphics. Insert blank recipe cards into the invitations and have guests fill them out with favorite recipes; a recipe box at the shower quickly becomes a sentimental and practical gift for the bride. Lingerie shower invitations might include sexier fonts, feather embellishments and a sense of humor. Have fun with themes; a wedding shower invitation can be more casual and fun than a traditional wedding invitation.


Wedding Shower Invitations: Design Options


There are no steadfast rules in wedding-shower-invitation design. Consider a die-cut shape like a heart, umbrella, suitcase or wedding dress instead of a rectangular card; don't feel confined to neutral backgrounds or traditional font colors either. Get creative with the design and let the bride's personality shine through the invitations.  Using a photograph of the bride is a fun way to make the day all about her. For more formal showers, use fancier fonts and subtler color palettes on neutral backgrounds. Just be sure to keep the mood light and non-stuffy. One design option is to make the wedding shower invitations complement the actual wedding invitations; if a common theme, style or color ties all the stationary together, the bride's keepsakes from her entire wedding experience will look stylistically cohesive.


Last Updated: February 23, 2010 at 9:50 am
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