What to Expect at Your Wedding Make-up Trial


Many women book a wedding make-up trial into their calendar in an attempt to determine how they will wear their make-up on the big day.  This is a great idea if you don't normally wear make-up or you'd like to try something a bit different.  Below, you will find some information on what to expect at your wedding make-up trial.

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Wedding Make-Up Trial: Skin and Blemishes

Whether you're visiting a cosmetics expert or a salon to have a make-up trial, the first thing you will probably hear is how to care for your skin.  No amount of make-up will make you look amazing if your skin isn't cared for.  You will probably be instructed in exfoliation techniques, tips for keeping your skin in tip-top shape, using sunblock and more.  Each of these things protects and nurtures the skin so it will be naturally beautiful, smooth and bright.

Wedding Make-Up Trial: Emphasis

Another thing your make-up expert may explain is emphasis.  Many times, choosing one feature on your face and emphasizing that will create a beautiful look that is not overdone.  For instance, when emphasizing your eyes you may use shadow, liner and mascara - but the lips should remain as natural as possible with maybe a bit of gloss.  If you plan on emphasizing the lips you may use a beautiful bright lipstick, but the eyes should be left as natural as possible.  This technique will keep you from looking overdone while enhancing your natural beauty.

Wedding Make-Up Trial: Color

Different brides-to-be look beautiful in different colors.  If you have hazel, green or grey eyes - brown shades of shadow will bring out the beautiful color and depth of your eyes.  Individuals with blue eyes look stunning in warm shades such as rose and mocha.  If you have dark eyes, you will probably want to wear bright and warm shades like chocolate, persimmon or deep pink.  Your make-up specialist will probably tell you that colors which look great on you should be chosen over colors that match your attire.

Spend some time and try different things until you achieve the look you want.  The best thing about a make-up trial is that an expert will help you when it comes to shades, brands and techniques. 

Last Updated: August 26, 2013 at 3:35 pm
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