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Winter Wedding Favors


Winter Wedding Favors:

Winter wedding favors can be both fun and functional, and will be remembered fondly by guests for months to come. Couples planning an end-of-year wedding that falls during holiday entertainment and gift-giving time are in luck: there's sure to be many items available (and probably on sale too!) with seasonal images like snowflakes, snowmen and pine trees that would make terrific winter wedding favors.


In addition to trinkets such as snowflake bookmarks or key rings, consider practical items like decorative ceramic hot plates or pot holders as winter wedding favors. Also, nights are longer during the winter months, so think about giving candles as winter wedding favors. These can be scented in spicy wintry fragrances or seasonally colored, then tied together with raffia. Attach a snowman or sled or ice skate charm to the string for an added wintry touch.


Silver winter wedding favors:


The color silver is often associated with winter, and silver winter wedding favors will add a hint of elegance to the festivities. Small picture frames, coasters, bookmarks, bottle stoppers, salt and pepper shakers and other silver items need not be overly expensive (they can be silver plated, not sterling silver) if ordered in bulk or found at discount or warehouse stores or online.


Silver foil-wrapped chocolates also make excellent winter wedding favors. Mint-flavored chocolate is a particularly refreshing wintertime treat. M&M's candies are available in a variety of seasonal colors, including silver, and can also be personalized with customized text and even photographs. Consider popcorn balls coated with caramel or chocolate. Or choose red and green jelly beans as winter wedding favors and package them in clear plastic boxes to showcase their colors.


Hot beverages are terrific winter wedding favors that evoke warmth and coziness. Mix and match several individual serving packets of flavored coffees, herbal teas and hot chocolate and wrap them inside a ceramic coffee mug - the mugs can be personalized with the bride and groom's names and wedding date, a seasonal design, or they can match the wedding colors. Include cinnamon sticks and candy canes for extra flavorful touches. These comforting winter wedding favors will certainly be appreciated by guests on chilly winter nights!


If the wedding is going to be held around Christmastime, give winter wedding favors that incorporate holiday elements. A sprig of mistletoe, mini wreaths or poinsettia plants are natural winter wedding favors that will provide a lovely, living reminder of the wedding celebration for weeks to come. Or purchase Christmas ornaments and give one to each guest. If there's an opportunity to shop for vintage ornaments, that will make these particularly unique and memorable winter wedding favors.


Another idea for easy, inexpensive winter wedding favors is to buy a bunch of holiday-inspired tin cookie cutters - trees, stars, wreaths, etc. - enough so there's one for each wedding guest. These can be transformed into hand-decorated or personalized ornaments with paint pens and rhinestones - or bake cookies in the same designs and wrap them for guests to take home, along with their own cookie cutter and recipe to make another batch at home!

 Images courtesy: Beau Coup

Last Updated: September 22, 2013 at 8:09 am
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