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You May Now Save on Car Insurance: 4 Savings Tips for Brides


By InsWeb, Project Wedding Sponsor

You and your new hubby are finally settling into married life. But after such a beautiful wedding, there's a chance your bank account is looking a little empty. Here are four ways you and your husband can save money on car insurance and put a few dollars back in your bank account.

1. Save on Car Insurance by Comparing Multiple Quotes

While you don't need four toasters, getting multiple car insurance quotes is the best way for newlyweds to save on car insurance.  Car insurance rates can vary from company to company, so comparing multiple quotes will help you find better rates. Plus, if you and your husband have separate policies, you may be able to save by getting a joint policy. At InsWeb, you can compare multiple car insurance quotes in minutes.

2. Increase Your Deductible and Save on Car Insurance

Paying a high car insurance premium can be quite a burden on a newly married couple. You can lower the cost of your premium by raising your deductible. Your out-of-pocket repair costs resulting from an accident will be more expensive, but the amount you save on car insurance could be worth it.

3. Save on Car Insurance: Skip Extra Fees

A new husband and wife do not need extra expenses. But if you are paying for your car insurance in monthly or quarterly installments, you are most likely paying extra fees. Try to pay for your policy in a lump sum and skip the fees.  Even a monthly fee of just $10 adds up to over $100 a year.

4. Save on Car Insurance with Good Driver Discounts

When you were planning your wedding you looked for discounts wherever possible. So do the same thing with your car insurance. Most car insurance companies provide discounts for drivers with good driving records. In fact, some states require companies to provide these discounts. If you and your husband haven't had any accidents or tickets in the last three to five years, you're probably eligible for good driver discounts.

Bonus Savings Tip: Look for Safe Vehicle Car Insurance Discounts

You had a "Plan B" for your wedding location -- better safe than sorry, right? Car insurance companies appreciate safety, and many will offer discounts for safety features. You could get lower insurance rates if your car has air bags, security alarms, factory-installed mechanical seatbelts or antilock brakes. When you compare multiple car insurance quotes, be sure to remember these safety features and you could see the savings.

So go ahead -- return that gravy boat. Then start filling your bank account back up by comparing multiple car insurance quotes at

Image Courtesy: Geoff White Photography

Last Updated: July 7, 2009 at 5:13 am
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