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DIY Wedding Challenge: Personalized Favor Pyramid Boxes


When you're a bride on a budget, every little penny counts! After researching my options for favor boxes, I decided to create my own...and all it cost was the price of paper (I used 65#), some ribbon and a little ink...for a total cost of $10 for 100 pyramid boxes.

I created a pyramid template using light grey ink, printed it out and did a dry run to make sure it would fold correctly. It worked perfectly. Then, I went to work personalizing all 4 sides, the bottom and the inside panels of the box. I can not even imagine the cost of personalizing all sides if I had ordered custom made boxes!

Link to template:

(the formatting looks off in the preview, but will automatically correct itself when you open it as a Word 97-2003 Document)

To personalize the sides

Using the template on Microsoft Word, insert your clipart/image/message that you'd want your guest to see once they open the box in the text boxes. I inserted a clip art image that FH loved and a short message underneath: "With love from Anna & Andre." (For the purposes of this illustration, I've darkened the lines so it's easier to see in the picture)


Print out page one of the template. You'll need to print on the other side of this page to get the personalization for the outside of the box (so make sure you know how to feed the printer correctly to print on both sides!).

To personalize the four sides and the bottom of the pyramid, insert your message/clip art into the text boxes. The template I created has the right layout so make sure to follow the directions, but you may need to go through a couple trial and error processes since your font size and pictures may vary and the sides you are printing on are triangular. To give you an idea of how my box looked so you see the placement, I've included a picture:


Now, print out the second page on the backside of the first page you already printed out. Since you don't want dotted template lines all over the outside of the box, hold up the paper to the light once both sides are printed to make sure you have the correct layout and all text and images fall within the printable area of the template (anything that goes past dotted lines will need to be resized). In this picture, it looks like the printing is all on one side...but it's actually on each side of the paper...the paper I used to take this pic was


All that's left is one more personalized side to go! To create this side, go to the third page of my template. We decided to print out a variety of our favorite quotes about love. Insert your message/clipart/image within the text box I have outlined.

Once you are ready, print out this side. To get the correct layout, you must print this image on the second side you have already printed (the one with the personalized bottom and three sides you just worked on). You have to rotate the paper 180 degrees so this text/image will print at the top of the page (it is upside down from the rest of the sides).


The hard part is over! I tried writing the directions regarding Word as best as I could, but if you're still confused, send me a PM.

Now, carefully cut out the template and fold the paper on the dotted lines. Punch a hole in the paper in the four corners of the triangles where you see the black circle.

Next, thread a ribbon through the holes in the box. This can be a little tricky so just follow the picture on how I weaved the ribbon or else the box might not close right.

Close up the box by tightening up the ribbon and tying a bow! Depending on what your favor that you'd like to place in the box, you might want to insert your favor before you tie the bow.

Since we're using mini Hershey bars and they're kind of a pain to try to stack correctly with the box opened, I found if you gently pinch the box from top to bottom, a side will open but leave no damage :)

Embellish the box any way you'd like. I added a few lilac rhinestones that I've been adding on other projects to add some sparkle. You know have your beautiful, super personalized favor boxes for a fraction of the price!


Last Updated: November 26, 2013 at 8:47 pm
Tags: DIY Wedding
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