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DIY Candles


How to make your own candles.

For the Mold:

I use PVC pipe from Home Depot or Lowes etc in the diameter size you need and get the length based on how many you want to make at a single go. Yes these can be re-used!

Also I forgot to add that you can turn ANYTHING into a mold including cookie cutters. following this method of tracing and taping a bottom. So many of us need personal favors for our weddings.

  • Candle wax from Micheal’s or another Craft store also avail online. Buying candle wax in bulk is cheaper.

  • Coloring either Crayola crayons or Candle dye wax

  • Scent I don't use this, but you can!

  • Pencils

  • Wick sold on the spool since you are doing a lot

  • Quarters, Washers or special wick base holders

  • Duct tape

  • plastic lids the size of the PVC

Use a cutting Dremel tool bit to slice the height you want for the PVC mold.

As for the bottom you use the plastic lid of a can like: Pringles, coffee oatmeal etc and cut a disk the same size of the PVC and duct tape it to the bottom of the pipe.

Now grease the inside with shortening of the vegetable variety You can wash off residue with soap and water with care not to wet the wick.

Note: You can also buy Soy melting pellets or bees wax from Micheal’s or online.

Melt according to directions if you do not have directs then this is what my Grandmother Herrmann taught me to do.

Get a double boiler and put the water so that it is just below the resting pot and place the wax on top and put it on the flame/burner to Medium High heat and stir wax with wooden spoon until melted

You can add Candle coloring or use Crayola crayons until the desired color is achieved. Grandma always used Crayola Crayons with me.

You can also add Candle scents if you like, I tend not to add scents to mine.

Now you will need a wick that is attached to a disk or you can use a quarter and the wick tied and glued with a drop of Hot Glue or Tacky glue to the top of the quater. So the knott and the wick are able to be enclosed by the wax.

Elmer's is not strong enough to it to weight it down

And now use a pencil to hang across the top of the PVC and affix the wick to the middle of the pencil.

You can tie, or tape the wick to the pencil and make sure the wick is also in the middle of the mold. A bit of tape on can help keep the pencil from moving.

Please check to be sure the quarter is resting flat at the bottom middle of the can.

Now when the wax is all melted and the right color has been achieved pour just a quarter cup of wax into the can and let cool for 2 to 3 minutes this will help set the wick in the center

now using the quarter cup measure slowly pour in the wax until it reaches the top so as not to get any bubble is the wax.

Let the candle cool over night in a cool and dry place, be careful if you set it out on a porch that the weather is not colder then 45 degrees as it could cause the wax to become brittle.

To remove candle detach the bottom tape and carefully push the candle out of the mold and if it is being stubborn put into the freezer for 10 minutes and try again.

If it is still sticking try a little warm water run on the outside of the mold and push again. If that does not work then you did not grease the inside well enough. Do not fear your wax is recoverable. You can melt the wax out of the mold in a pot of hot not boiling water and the wax will melt out. Now stand to let cool. Once cooled the wax will be on top and you can retrieve with a slotted spoon and turn out onto a paper towel and once dry re-melt in a double boiler.

I have not used this link, but I thought it maybe helpful.

Here is a link from the WWW that you can also read about

This how to was created and written by Bridie Pearce as taught to her by her grandmother Margaret A. Herrmann 1926-2010


Last Updated: November 26, 2012 at 10:34 pm
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