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Lace Front Wigs- Another option to hair extension


The wedding day hairdo is one of the things that most brides worry about. If you are not endowed with long luscious locks or you need something extra to get that long wavy hair you have been dreaming of for your wedding or you just want a different hair do for a day without having to change your actual hair then think lace front wigs. Lace front wigs are popular these days; celebrities such as John Travolta, Tyra banks, Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton and Beyonce wear them. Lace front wigs are used by actors on movie sets and on the red carpet.




About lace front wigs

Lace front wigs are made with a mesh like material in the front and edges in which strands of hair are individually attached to a full cup which fits to the head to give it a natural look. The lace is designed to blend in with your own scalp. They are usually custom made to fit the dimensions of your head and are made of 100% human hair, although you can find lace wigs made of synthetic hair . Lace front wigs are versatile; they can be used for swimming, work in pony tails, curled or straightened etc and unlike sewn in weave, they can be worn in any style without the fear of revealing hair tracks.

Adhesive tapes or adhesive glue made specially for lace front are used to install the wig.



These wigs are not cheap either and the average cost of a custom made lace front wig can run anywhere from $199- $599 depending on the length and type of human hair used for wig.  Indian Remy virgin hair is the most expensive type of hair out there, but with proper care lace wigs can last over a year.


If you are considering purchasing a lace front wig to use for your wedding here are a few tips:

1)      Strongly consider the investment you are making; The cost of weave tracks plus labor for sew-in tracks or glue in ~ $150-180.

2)      Research the seller, the type of human hair used, the length, color and style of hair you would like to have for your wedding,

3)      Make sure you place your order a few months ahead of time as custom made wigs take a while (1-2months) to arrive, unless you are going to buy it ready in stock.

4)      Try it on ahead of time to make sure it fits and you are comfortable with it

5)      Have a professional install your wig for you.




beyonce with full lace front wig

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:50 pm
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