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Pictures of Bridal Dresses under $1000.00


I know there are a lot of brides out there on a budget (including a newly engaged friend of mine!), so I thought it would be fun to start a thread of PW brides posting pictures of their under $1,000 dresses.

Here's my Watters 1048b:


madison (for the canadian brides out there ,



La Sposa style: Lisboa



Don't mind my messy hair!  Allure Bridal regular $1200 purchased the sample for $950


Karen - So fabulously glamorous!

Aimsicle - I love! A little bit modern and a little bit traditional all at the same time. :)

Stacey - What a beautiful, elegant gown!

I'm definitely going to have to forward these dresses/designers to my friend!


Watters Bridal Dress; Sample Sale $327


I don't have my dress yet, but mishk3 I LOVE yours!



Mine's black like the second picture. I don't remember how much I paid for her but it was under $700 for a custom made dress. Not bad not bad at all. :)


Hstteach - Thank you! The bridal salon I tried it on at was charging $1250ish for it, but I contacted Pearl's Place and was able to get it for $843 (last December).


Alfred Angelo about $800


oleg cassini - under $800


Maggie Sottero - Brigidine $700


DB Sample - 198.00

 mine is from mori lee by madeline gardner for $400

Casablanca $975


bella style 5356 for $845


My first dress was david's bridal (don't know the #) $550


This is a $1500 Marisa gown.  I bought a store sample for $170! ! ! !


Here is mine--She was actually $1052.  But if you chose to not get the shoulder strap, she would be right under $1000


Casablanca 1827- bought the sample for $750


Allure $950


  La Sposa Fanal $800


Maggie Sottero---Carrie $800.00 with taxes included


wwj you're my dress twin!  my first dress was allure L213 $748.  Selling for $225 ladies!!



Mori Lee...about $650 with tax



This is not me, but here is the dress. DB's #EW9848, $399 before alterations.


Allure Bridal - $710 with tax and alterations included.



San Patrick for $699


Wow, these are some beautiful wedding dresses... especially for the prices!


Mine was $995... so I guess it only kinda counts.


Here's mine from DB, $600 with tax:


  Davids Bridal V9263, $550


My $2400 San Patrick was a new but discontinued dress I got NEW for sample prices - under $1k -- It's for sale! $600



The Allure dress I wore to my wedding was also a sample, but very used -- $650



my second dress was $800 by allure.


Here is mine.  Mori Lee $750


And here is me in it..




you all look so lovely! My dress was about $1500 so I'm not going to post. =D


Mine is a Maggie Sottero Milana, for right around $800


My 995, with tax puts me over 1000.00


Maggie Sottero, Shirley, about $850 :)


Mine is from Davids Bridal $650



davids bridal $800, but now is on sale for $499!! i should have waited darnit lol


mine was $450 from David's Bridal


I got mine for $99 from the Davids Bridal $99 sale



Here is mine.. Im 99% sure this is the dress I want...

Style #: 9L9479 Davids Bridal $550


 Casablanca 1891

915 with tax and the 60$ alteration fee they charge so that I don't have to pay for anymore alterations! Its going to save me a bundle! 


From Watters' WTOO line: Alberta ($700)


Casablanca 1842. $798


oh wow you girls are so lucky to find dresses under $1000...


Casablanca Bridal Style # 1961

$800 at Ellynne Bridal in Lincoln, NE.


Maggie Sottero, Jasmina Sample $350


Angelina Faccenda--just under $989 including tax (don't ask about alts though!)






My Anjolique 2021 -- $850 :)

It's supposed to be shipped to the salon in 2 days!


Wtoo Lucia - $330 at RK Bridal :)


Michelangelo from Davids Bridal. Normal price $600. On sale for $400. $435 after taxes and no alterations neded. Sorry, I don't have a pic of me in it yet.


so gorgeous ladies!


Wtoo "Francesca" dress - $713.  Love it!


Mine was a DB dress for $399.


Mine was Monique Luo from DB and it was just under $1,000 including the tax and crinoline.


I got mine at a Trunk Show: 20% off $958!  :)


under $500 from Group USA.





All your dresses are beautiful, and to know that you paid

 $1000 or less gives me hope!


I think mine works out at just under $1000US

Quinceanera Q182



Christina Wu $750. She was such a steal!


Mine was $350 before alterations.


Maggie Sottero Coco $837 before tax and alts.


Beautiful dresses! Mine was $1,000 too. Maggie Sottero - can't say the style....FI reads my posts.


wedding dress

Morrie Lee it was only $503+ tax, -with tax I think it was just under $600 I am altering my dress a lot though by adding lace to the bottom and lace sleeves and near the breasts.


Platinum for Priscilla of Boston PL180 : $4750 ~ Got it for $500 at a sample sale! A STEAL!



Sottero & Midgley Jsm1103



maggie sottero...


Mine is from Allure and was $700ish.  Don't ask about my veil, fascinator, and alts!

My biggest piece of advice is stick to your budget- there are a lot of beautiful dresses for less than $1000.  I only made appointments at shops that carried a selection of dresses in my price range and I made sure that the ladies in the store knew that I didn't want to see anything that was about my limit. 


Alfred Angelo $100 purchased from a previous bride who only wore it for a few hours!


Anjolique 2054, it's so far my favorite and I've seen it for $900.


Mine was Oleg Cassini... $650!!!


These are all great, something for everyone in every range :)


Mountainbride and WWJ: I love love your gowns!!!

Here's mine.... an Allure Gown that I got from last years leftover designs, cost: $250 a real steal! Simple and elegant!


$850, got on sale for $750!!  Thinking of getting that purple one for my bridesmaids, but in the blue color of the other dress.


Nicole Miller $595!


300$$ exactly what i wanted :)


My $280 Milly Bridal dress! :)


My $599 dress from David's Bridal!


I paid $1024 (including shipping and changing the neckline to a scoop neckline).  I am now selling it (yano.. due to a cancelled wedding and all..).  Anyone interested in buying??  It's a size 16 and is made for me to wear with flats, I'm 5'8".  Gimme an offer =)  I have no idea what I want to ask.


Okay, I'm obviously clueless about this: where do you find all these sample dresses??? They're much cheaper than the actual prices! I almost had to fan myself and make sure I was reading correctly...


Between now and mid-january is a great time to buy because stores want to sell their older season samples before the new 2010 spring samples arrive. 

Good Luck!


I think mine was $700?


Here's the sash I had made & the bustle from my first fitting:


OMG ladies you all look beautiful!!!  I'm trying on dresses on saturday for the first time and am getting some inspiration from you all! 


Oleg Cassini from DB -- sells for $1050 but I got it on SALE for $850


$650 Mori Lee Dress




David's Bridal -  $550 -  but I got her for $350


$340.. retails at $1300. :)


David's Bridal - Style V9462 - $550 ($600 with tax)


Whit.Love what a STEAL WOW!

We bought these from a consignment store for $450 each.  Mine (the one on the left in the first picture) is a David's Bridal style 5268.  NotFroofy's (the one on the right in the first picture) is an Emme Bridal.


This is mine - not me, though!  Around $800

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