10 Reasons Why a Wedding is Good for a Marriage


You finally got engaged and you're ready to get married.  Now, you're having a debate about whether or not to have a wedding event.  One of you is not so excited about the time and money this would cost. After all, the whole idea is to be together forever, not put on an extravaganza.

But, there really is a good reason to sanctify your marriage in front of family and friends.  It really is going to be good for your marriage-this is why:

1.    A wedding ritual that includes all the people you care about becomes a meaningful moment to be shared forever.

2.    The couple can palpably feel the love and joy that surrounds them

3.    Their relationship is enhanced by the positive emotions displayed

4.    The couple experience their lives becoming entwined with the vows they make and those who witness this event.

5.    A reciprocal bond of support is solidified between the couple and their friends and family.

6.    A wedding is really fun.

7.    Dancing and revelry creates such happiness to be treasured

8.    There is a chance to be grateful and sentimental in a formal way

9.    Look for an opportunity to be reminded of your love all the time.

10.  Transcendent joy is forever part of your special day.  It really is so meaningful and nothing prepares you for how your heart will feel.


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Last Updated: February 18, 2010 at 5:10 am
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