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"Build This Wedding": Video Game Theme!!


PWers, let's build a fun wedding with Video Games as it's theme.

Here's an adorable Super Mario Bros. cake* to get us started.

*photo from Aisledash



 Save the dates





I know you already have a cake, but this was sooo cool not to post. We'll just call it the groom's cake! ;o)

(Found here.)

wii cake toppers:

groom's tie + cufflinks:


pac man cake toppers

or cupcakes


those pacman cupcakes are awesome!


For those who love Zelda

The Master Sword and Hylian shield ice luge.



Fi would like this theme


Have Master Chief marry you!(Yes I know what this is only because FI is addicted to HALO! gag!)


the perfect ring


wii wedding








Flowers!  (I LOVED Mario Brothers when I was a kid!)


haha These are awesome!


Bonus points b/c you can actually buy them on Etsy!


"These flowers are a great gift for that special someone for two reasons. One, they don’t die. Two, they’re awesome. Any gamer girl/guy would appreciate these handcrafted flowers since it pays tribute to one of the, if not most iconic video game character of all, Mario. Available now for $30 over at Etsy. Thanks to Oceansboy for the tip!



Playstation 3 geeks as we are (FI & me) we have to have a video game item in our wedding. FI best man is gonna arrange a Warhawk grooms cake for us.

And just after FI & I got engaged our online friends threw us an engagement battle. You can customize your character ingame, and you see my FI (black suit custom.) on the left and me (white dress custom.) on the right. The pinkish player on the far left, is the same friend who helped me out with my inspiration board :D




For the boys...


LadyY- I can't believe I'm posting this on here...but we are actually considering having a "video game wedding" after our real one for all our online friends who can't come to the real thing. :P  Kind of a similar idea of running around a battle area in "wedding clothing".


@ Lilivati, wooow thats awesome. We're gonna have a few (online) friends over at our actual wedding. They have been there for me in real rough times when I lost pretty much all my friends at home. And they all live in the USA, and really wanna be there for me that day. I think it's the best gift they can give me, sit at the brides side at the wedding (cause pretty much all my family wont be able to show up, I hope my sis & BF will)

Do not forget to make pictures, pictures and did I mention pictures?! if you guys will do it :D


LadyY- I am a screenshot junkie, there will be lots of pics!  :D  We are planning to invite some of our friends from gaming, but we aren't sure that they will be able to make it.  Many of them are on tight budgets and they are all over the country. :-/


those playstation controller cufflinks are to die for hahahahahaha FI would TOTALLY wear them


@ Lilivati, at first when they heard that we would get married a lot of people were telling us that they wanted to come down for it. Of course we have our personal choice of friends and we/I talked to them last week, cause FI & I are making the guestlist and setting our budget. 3 of my female friends will be down (Michigan / Massachusetts / Wisconsin) and will share a hotelroom *so jealous lol* and 1 couple (Georgia).

And I hope to convince Yelppuppy to make our wedding pictures. Yelppuppy and I are both Warhawk players ;)

Ooow and this might be a good one for my FI:


Wow, some GREAT stuff you found for this thread!  The Mii stuff is SO CUTE.   I love Mii's :D

What else you got?  :)   Kristeen just got in so I'm sure she'll have stuf to add, she loves her some video games!












this is the same cake posted but here are some close ups of how cool it was:


i love the mii cake toppers!





Groom's Cakes


Wow, that Super Mario Cake is amazing!  So impressive!


Legend of Zelda Cake Topper :)

Source: Flickr




Another Halo topper...



Awww - a Halo proposal:

A Halo 3 Marriage Proposal

Published November 8, 2007

On November 3, 2007, Moviesign made a Forge map in Halo® 3, and set up what his girlfriend of over two years (furtive penguin) thought was going to be a two-on-two match with his friends. They started the game and Moviesign led furtive penguin to a spot where he claimed he'd put an energy sword.

Instead there was a nice top-down view where he had spelled out a proposal in weapons. He then asked her to be his teammate for life.


She said yes.

Furtive penguin and Moviesign recently moved from Indianapolis to Chicago where she (penguin) is a copyeditor and he (Movie) is a graphic designer. They haven't set a wedding date yet. As furtive penguin said, "We're waiting to see what the release date is for the next Halo game. We don't want any conflicts."

Congratulations to furtive penguin and Moviesign from the entire Xbox community!



Jamichael's ring pic!



lol I'm such a nerd cause this is my dream wedding. hehe


Ice sculpture:


I love this...Room decor with decals!!!







omg, I want this regardless! maybe for a birthday! lol

too cute!

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