DIY Crystal Accents for Bouquets, Centerpieces



I wanted to spruce up 2 out of my 4 arrangements that I'll be having at the wedding. And what better way to do it other than using a little bit of bling =)

So I decided to make crystal accents

They would be placed as if it were in a bouquet. The only difference from the picture below, is that they will be clear and placed in an actual centerpiece arrangement. 


STEP 1: Pull out your handy dandy bead caddy

{i <3 the separate compartment for my beading tools}

STEP 2: Gather all your supplies


  1. crystal beads

  2. crimp beads

  3. wire {in this case, I used a 20 gauge wire for durability purposes}

  4. wire cutters

  5. flat head crimper

STEP 3: Measure and cut your wire at desired length. {I measured at 7 inches. You should consult with your florist for exact measurements}

STEP 4:Take your flat head crimper and bend wire at a 90 degree angle. {you will need this bend in order to secure your crystal from falling off the stem}

STEP 5: Thread crystal through stem. Make sure bend is performing its duty

STEP 6: Thread crimp bead. {this bead ensures proper placement of the crystal}

STEP 7:Using your flat head crimper, crimp bead to secure proper placement

and VOILA! A beautiful addition to your floral arrangements! =)



P.S. Don't mind the date at the bottom of each pic. My camera is totally screwing up on me :( 

**** also, if you like this project, decide to incorporate in your wedding and post about it, please give me credit. Thanks a bunch!! =)


Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 10:54 pm
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