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Group Guidelines & Tips for Group Owners


So, you want to start or own a Group on   Here are some Guidelines to keep in mind: 

1.       First, search the existing Groups to see if your topic is already covered by another Group.   It’s best to have as little duplication as possible because this will ensure maximum participation in all of our Groups. 

2.      Make sure your Group has an inviting description and image.   Ideally the image will describe and represent the Group well, rather than being an image of a single person.   The description should clearly indicate what topic(s) are up for discussion within your Group.  Having these two key elements in place correctly can positively impact your Group’s size and level of participation, and also makes it easier for your Group to be featured by us throughout the Forums and the site.  

3.      Post a Welcome message and/or Guidelines thread.    It’s always a good idea to say Hello to members of your Group, encourage them to Join the Group if they’d like to participate, and lay out any Guidelines for conduct in your Group.  For example, a Support Group owner might wish to state that their Group is for support and not for heated debates, etc.   We recommend that you sticky your welcome and/or Guidelines thread to the top of your Group.  

4.      Participate!   You likely are starting this Group because you are interested in and enthusiastic about the topic at hand.  Your own participation will be key to your Group’s success.  Post open-ended questions multiple times per week, create topics with links to relevant news articles for opinions/feedback/discussion, etc. to give your Group Members something to talk about.   

5.      Promote!  Add a page to your bio that discusses your Group and includes a link so people can check it out and join in. Start related discussions in the site-wide boards while promoting your Group. If you see someone posting on a related topic, PM them and invite them to join your Group.  

If there is a terrific and useful thread within your Group, promote it to an article and post about it in the site-wide boards. Be sure to include a link to the Group so that readers can come and check it out.   

Finally, be sure to join the Group Owners Lounge Group for an ongoing dialog of tips, ideas and support for Group Owners: 






Last Updated: August 12, 2009 at 6:05 pm
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