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Mr. & Mrs. Adventurer? Cruise to Alaska!


As per numerous requests... I know many of you are interested in going on this cruise... I hope this info helps! :)  Here is my recs.  I have WAYYY more info in my bio about how to cruise well!

DO NOT MISS EXCURSIONS:                

  1. Ketchican-  Float Plane Tour to the Fjord.  This is breathtaking.  Bring your camera.  There is a lumberjack show in town that is also a riot!


  1. Juneau- WHALE WATCHING.  You MUST do this... in July we saw a group of 16 humpback whales gathering food.  It's an amazing sight.  The Mendenhal Glacier is also here and well worth seeing.  Make sure you walk the trails to the waterfall to the right of the glacier.  It's very romantic.  There ARE bears in this area.  Do not carry food with you.


  1. Skagway- Take the train tour to the top of the mountain and then take the van ride back.  You will get a personalized tour of Skagway and really get to learn about the Gold Rush days.  It's very interesting.  There is a pretty informative museum downtown about the Gold Rush that I would reccomend seeing first so you have some background knowledge.


  1. Glacier Bay- (This is viewed on the ship).  Make sure you spend time on the top deck to watch the glaciers "calve" or break on the surface.  It is an amazing sight.  If you have a balcony you can also view from there, but the ship constantly rotates around the bay so you might lose view of the glacier at times.

Everything we did was worth every penny. On board the Coral Princess I highly recommend the formal dinners, getting a room with a balcony, taking advantage of shows and games, and the Lotus Spa. Book your excursions elsewhere and don't be sucked in to buying "Tanzanite" or diamonds in the ports. The ships owns all of the stores.


Overall I HIGHLY recommend Alaska on the Coral Princess. It's a great ship, a fun time, and they spoil you like crazy...everything a honeymooner deserves.


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