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Project Wedding Hostesses


Project Wedding Hostesses help keep our Community a friendly, welcoming place filled with inspiration and advice for brides-to be.  

Meet the Project Wedding Hostesses
Put a face to the name and get inspired by all of their beautiful wedding pics and plans.

Join the Hostess Team!
Project Wedding is looking for members that are known to be insightful, personable, and helpful to volunteer to be part of our new Hostess program.  

What is a Project Wedding Hostess?
A Project Wedding Hostess is someone who has a minimum of two months of active membership on Project Wedding and who has shown incredible creativity, style, and grace.

More specifically:
- A reputation for being a source of inspiration and advice in our community
- Insightful posts and vendor reviews
- Amazing bios that you want to look at for days
- Inspirational pictures!
- Impeccable taste and style

What does a Hostess do?
A Hostess helps to make both new and existing Project Wedding Community Members feel welcomed through posts, PMs and toasts; elevates topics of interest, and helps the Project Wedding Community Coordinator keep an eye on things to ensure that our Community remains a welcoming, helpful home for brides-to-be. 

Want to be a Project Wedding Hostess?  
All hostess slots are currently filled, but you can submit your application to be considered for the next opening!  To apply, please answer the questions below in an email to:


1.  What is your Project Wedding username?

2. How long have you been on Project Wedding?

3. Wedding Date:

4. City/State:

5. Are you over the age of 18?

6. Do you work in or plan to work in the wedding industry? (Note: wedding industry professionals are not eligible to participate in the Hostess program).

7. Are you now or have you ever been affiliated, either personally or professionally, with any other wedding sites? If so, please list:

8. Have you or any of your posts ever been moderated in the Project Wedding Community?  If so, please provide details:

9. Why do you want to be a hostess in the Project Wedding community?

THANK YOU for your interest in the Project Wedding Hostess program!

Last Updated: September 11, 2013 at 1:18 pm
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