About This Wedding Guide


What is the Wedding Guide?

It's simple:  this is a resource to help you plan your wedding!  It's a categorized directory of wedding related articles.


How is this guide different from others?

In addition to "expert" articles, any Project Wedding member can contribute articles to the guide.  It's like Wikipedia, but for wedding articles. 

Our hope is that the community will write articles - cheeky, controversial, introspective - that you wouldn't see on a traditional wedding website or planning guide.

You can contribute too!  Register an account and start writing!


How can I write an article?

It's easy.  Simply look for "write an article" around the site.  On the front page of the guide, you'll see it at the top left.  On the article pages themselves, see the "Take Action" bar.


How can I edit an article?

Look for the edit this article action within the "Take Action" bar on the right of every article.  Note that some articles, primarily the expert advice articles, are not editable.

Edit away!  Fix grammar!  Add content!  Every little bit is a help to future brides and grooms just like you!


What can I write about?

Anything at all - as long as it's somewhat related to weddings and is "a good thing".  Please don't add obscene or insulting material!


Last Updated: August 26, 2008 at 7:29 am
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