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Chicago Bachelor Party Guide


We're here to talk about bachelor parties, from stodgy and formal to downright debaucherous.  In the Second City, there are plenty of options for whatever twists and turns the night might take.


Chicago bachelor party themes

Chicago's size and fame lends itself to many interesting theme ideas, if you're into that sort of thing.  Here are a few:


Ferris Bueller

Avoiding strippers?  Then how about re-enacting Matthew Broderick's finest work (sorry Glory).  Rent a great sports car or two and enjoy the city like a drunken high-schooler would.  Yeah, Ferris wasn't drunk but he was "sick".  You likely will be too.

Take in a game at Wrigley, culture yourself at the Art Institute of Chicago, climb the Sears Tower, but skip the Chicago Board of Trade (unless you're into money).  Just remember to plan this out a bit - for instance, the Skydeck at the Sears Tower closes at 8.  And if you go to Wrigley when the cubs aren't playing...Ok, that might actually better than seeing them in action.

Just make sure to return the car in reasonable shape.  Protip: drive it in reverse to reduce mileage.


Gangsters and Prohibition

Relive the 1930s.  Be Al Capone running roughshod over the streets of New York.  Smoke stogies.  Eat steak at a classy steakhouse.  Keep the alcohol rolling - see if you can find some original "moonshine".  If you're really going all out on the theme, what about zoot suits and Tommy guns?  All right - the Tommy gun is optional.

Chicago Bachelor Party Gangster Cigar


Da Bears / Da Bulls

If you're having a fall or winter bachelor party, you can't go wrong anchoring your night around Chicago's finest sports teams.  Tickets might be pricey but they're well worth it.


What, there's a lake here?

Take advantage of Lake Michigan.  Don't have your own boat?  There are tons you can charter.  Fishing - a traditional chill bachelor party.  Sailing - have each party member rent a dinghy and learn to sail!  There's even river and lake cruising - if uber-chill is your style.  Just make sure you leave time to hit up a neighborhood bar to regale the patrons with stories of your water adventures.

Lake Michigan boat on Chicago shore


Chicago bachelor party venues

Here are a few ideas for that all-important question: where?


Chicago Chop House

Meat.  A bachelor party should be centered around it.  While you could go somewhere like Fogo De Chao, why not take advantage of local Chicago flavor?  After all, the Chicago Chop House is a River North institution.  And it specializes in meat.  Get the groom a 64oz porterhouse and force him to gulp it down.  After all, will the new wife ever allow him to ingest so much red meat ever again?  All signs point to no.


The East Bank Club

It's different, but why not combine fitness and your bachelor party?  And what better place to do it than at the EBC?  I'm not the first to say this: the EBC goes way beyond gym and into the realm of indoor country club.  At 460,000 square feet, it really is the size of many country clubs.  Like most other gyms, you can work out with your buddies, run on an indoor track, and play basketball, racquetball, and more.   But the EBC takes it to another level: there's a full fledged salon and spa (get a massage or just your hair cut), go to the indoor driving range and drink at the restaurant bar.


Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:21 am
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