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Candy Buffet On a Budget


My friend in France recently attended the annual 2013 ‘Diner en Blanc’ or ‘White Dinner’ in Paris. The pictures are absolutely amazing, and looking at them inspired me to have a ‘Diner En Blanc’ reception at my wedding.

I had been wanting to throw a ‘diner en blanc’ party for a long time so I decided my wedding was the perfect opportunity, to throw my white party. I specified to my wedding guests that everything would be white and everyone must wear white.  I’ve recently learned a lot about Candy Buffets and I really do think that they make any party look gorgeous and festive.  I knew I didn’t want to spend a ton on the buffet because I had already spent so much on my wedding and reception. So my goal was to create a beautiful buffet with $35 or less. I didn’t know if that was even plausible when I set the goal- but I am here to say to you, it is actually very do-able!

After more and more research I am here to explain what I learned about candy buffets: a candy buffet triples as a wedding decoration, a party favor for your guests, and your dessert (minus the cake, of course!), so a candy bar is worth spending some of your budget on.

A candy buffet is actually perfect for any event you want to have, not just big events like weddings and baby showers but also for smaller events like birthday parties and dinner parties. It’s because a candy bar can actually be done on a very small budget, and will end up making your event look gorgeous, classy and lavish without costing you much at all. The total I spent on this buffet was 33.62!  I used jars and glasses that I found around the house so that I didn’t have to buy new glassware.  I only purchased a pound of most of the candy, but ended up getting 2 pounds of yogurt pretzels and the taffy.  All in all the candy buffet was a huge success and the wedding reception was a blast!  I never thought that the candy buffet was going to be such a huge hit!

 The Candy We Picked For Our buffet:

  1. White Malted Milk Balls

  2. Sweet’s Salt Water Vanilla Taffy

  3. White Gummy Bears

  4. White Sour Balls

  5. White Jordan Almonds

  6. Yogurt Pretzels

We Purchased all of our candy from!  They were fantastic and really helped me with any question I had concerning my buffet!

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:59 pm
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