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STD...BM...FMIL...Have you seen those abbreviations and wondered what all those letters mean? Here's your guide to PW LINGO!

AFAIK - As Far As I Know

AW - Attention Whore

BM - Bridesmaid or Best Man

BP - Bridal Party

B-Pics - Boudoir Pics

BR - Baby Related

Bump - Bumping a post so it appears first on the forums page

DH - Dear Husband

DIY - Do It Yourself

DOC - Day Of Coordinator

DTD - Doing the Deed (Sex)

DW - Destination Wedding

E-pics - Engagement Pictures

ETA - Edited to Add

FBIL - Future Brother in Law

FFIL/FIL - Future Father in Law/Father in Law

FG - Flower Girl 

FH - Future Husband

FI - Fiance

FMIL/MIL - Future Mother in Law/Mother in Law

FSIL - Future Sister in Law

FOB - Father of the Bride

FS - For Sale

FW - Future Wife

FWIW - For What It's Worth

GM - Groomsman

GTK - Good To Know

GTKY - Getting To Know You

HTH - Hope That Helps/Happy To Help

IMO/IMHO - In My Opinion; In My Humble/Honest Opinion

ISO - In Search Of

ITA - I Totally Agree

JFF - Just For Fun

KWIM - Know What I Mean

KWR - Kind of Wedding Related

LBR - Let's Be Real

LW - Lovely Wife/Loving Wife

MOB - Mother of the Bride

MOG - Mother of the Groom

MOH - Maid of Honor

MUA - Make Up Artist

NTK - Need to Know

NWR - Non Wedding Related

OMG - Oh My Goodness

OOT - Out of Town

PIA/PITA - Pain in the A**

PM - Private Message

PP - Previous Post/Poster

PSA - Public Service Announcement

RB - Ring Bearer

RD - Rehearsal Dinner

SMH - Shaking My Head

SO - Significant Other

S/O - Spin Off

STD - Save the Date

TBH - To Be Honest

TIA - Thanks In Advance

TMI - Too Much Information

TTC - Trying To Conceive

TTD - Trash the Dress

WTK - Want To Know

WP - Wedding Party

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